2 questions, please advise =)

  1. Hey everybody. I have 2 questions and I feel sure you guys will have answers :smile:

    1) The little "target" emblem that is on bags from the outlets; is it supposed to be on the left side or the right side? The ones in my outlet (SC) I noticed were on the right. I've seen some on eBay on the left. Course, that could mean they're fake...

    2) And has anyone seen the little demi version of this bag?

    eBay: Coach Soho Studded Flap Satchel ***only 1 on Ebay*** (item 230024469664 end time Sep-10-06 19:29:22 PDT)

    It is from last fall (as I'm sure everyone knows); I was just wondering if anyone had seen it in their outlet, Marshalls, TJs or Loehmanns. I've been looking on eBay and the one I saw got away from me:crybaby:, so I was just wondering if its long gone.

  2. I don't think the bullseye has to be on the right..its just more common. As far as the studded bags..my mom mentioned there was a bunch of them at the outlet in Aurora, IL. Did not see them at the Hagerstown outlet this weekend. Not sure if they have the demi.
  3. Yeah, the outlet stamp can go just about anywhere, though it's usually at the top right. I've got a bag where it's overlapping the line surrounding the creed text on the left side. I didn't even notice it at first. I think sometimes they get a little sloppy with stamping bags headed for the factory stores.
  4. There was some studded stuff when I was there a month or so ago, but obviously that could mean they're gone by now. Don't remember specifically what they had.
  5. My mom was just there Friday night...so at least until then they still had some.
  6. The stamp can go anywhere! I don't think there's a specific place.

    I have the same bag in the gunmetal color I bought at an outlet last year and LOVE it! I haven't seen the smaller version in a while though.
  7. I saw quite a few of them at the Pennsylvania (Penn's Purchase) outlet a few weeks ago.
  8. The outlet in Leesburg also had the studded line over the weekend.
  9. I just saw some studded hobos at Leesburg, VA outlet.
  10. i saw some studded bags at my outlet yesterday.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, guys! I think I'll make the drive to check my outlet (I could call, but I might miss something I don't know I need:smile: ). I came across a stack of old catalogs, all the way back from Spring 05 and while flipping thru the one from last fall that bag just kept jumping out at me. I "need" :smile: a neutral bag, so the hunt is on! Thanks for all the info!