2 questions i need help with! thanks in advance!

  1. hi all,
    i have some money to spend and wanted some thoughts..
    1. i love the gryson bag, but all the straps make it feel like it would be difficult to get in and out of...what are your thoughts if you own one?
    2. what other black bags would you recommend with a 5-6 hundred dollar budget?

    p.s. i have to get the bag at bloomingdales so, i'm "limited" to what they sell...
  2. grysons... aren't they like more than 5-600? I thought they are like a grand... what gryson are u thinking of?
  3. how about Marc by Marc Jacobs? or Andrew Marc "Collette" bag in black?
  4. i'd probably add some $ in for a gryson...i think it's the gryson "skye"...it seems really difficult to get in and out of with all the straps...not sure about it...do you own one?
  5. i own the skye and the moni and the skye straps are not bad at all...i love the bag! it has become one of my favorites and right now you can find a lot of gryson on sale as low as 199 so check the deals section.