2 questions for Miu Miu Napa Spring bag - availability and colors? Shade of brown?

  1. First post in this forum, glad to be in the Miu Miu section! :smile:
    Have 2 questions for the loyal Miu Miu fans in here!

    1. I will be going to Japan in end of August, and was wondering what are my chances of being able to find the Miu Miu Napa spring bag? (There are lots of Miu Miu boutiques in Japan). For Neiman Marcus website, it is listed under the 'classic bags' section, so I wasn't sure if this is a spring, or a year-round item

    This small size:

    2. Does anyone have pictures of all the available colors this bag comes in? Would love to see all the shades before settling on classic black!
    If this item is hard to find, I might order it off Neiman Marcus.. the only color left is 'brown', but there isn't a pic of what type of brown it is! (Hoping for a chocolate brown). If you guys have pics of the brown too, that would be great!

  2. I think they come in black, dark brown, and grey for this season. I've been to miu miu store in Shibuya, they've got nice selection!
  3. Himeko, for the Nappa leather, I've seen in the boutique the taupe color, which I like very much! I've attached a pic of the bag in another style but in the same color.

    Also I've seen on styledrops a nude color for the Nappy Spring bag, which I find it also very nice. Here is the link:

    As you may well know, the same style also comes in patent leathers in black and red.

    Please do keep us posted on what you decide finally. Good luck!
    miu miu grey.jpg
  4. Thanks for your replies guys! and monkyjib, was your visit to Shibuya recently? So since you said 'this season's bag', then I'm assuming the Napa Spring isn't just for the spring season, and is a classic bag then? I'm so happy there are quite a few boutiques scattered around Japan!
  5. himeko- I have this bag in the brown. It's definitely chocolate brown, which I love. You're so lucky to go to Japan!
  6. Well, I wouldn't say my visit was recent cuz I went there around April of this year. But I'm pretty sure I saw this bag in caramel color. So I guess they just make it in different colors for each spring. Pls correct me if I'm wrong here.