2 questions - Ed Hardy & Yellow Box

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  1. anyone have experience w/ either brands?

    My twins' 3rd birthday is next month and it's a pirate theme.
    I decided to get some Ed Hardy skull theme shoes but came across some cute Yellow Box skull flip flops whilst browsing the internet.

    Any advice or experience to share?

  2. shameless bump . . .
    no one has ever tried on or worn these 2 brands?
  3. I remember seeing Yellow Box shoes a long time ago - at least 3 years. I remember thinking that, for the price, they were totally cute. I wouldn't expect them to last very long, but I don't have a problem spending so little on a pair of shoes. If they fall apart after you've worn them 20 times, so what? That's about all I remember!
  4. I'm looking at their flip slops, which are about $40. . . that's pricier than any other flip flops I own, I hope they'd last a summer at least! LOL!
  5. dont know either brand -sorry to not be of any help. but I like these, they are cute, especially if they are in keeping with the theme. I doubt they would fall apart so quickly - price is not always the indicator for quality, as we all know. do you have a chance to see them IRL?
  6. no, I can't try them on :sad:
    I did try on the Ed Hardy high tops {not my style!} and I found that I need a 7 in them, so I can confidently buy them online, I'm just wondering which I'd actually wear again after the party!
  7. I think some Ed Hardy shoes are cute. I have had some experience with Yellow Box before, and for the price, they're very cute. I ordered their boots and they fit well around the calf--not too tight, not too loose. They're good shoes.
  8. good to know, thanks!
    Did they run true to size?
  9. i don't konw the Ed Hardy ones but I like the ones in the pic - they are leather right?

    may just be me, but I prefer leather shoes.
  10. yes, they're not the usual plastic flip flops.
  11. I wore a pair of Ed Hardy slip-ons all last summer, and they were very comfortable. They ran a bit small - I fit anywhere between 6.5 and 8, and I got those sneakers in 8.
  12. I actually just bought a pair of Yellow Box espadrilles. They fit pretty well and are true to size.
  13. I think you should go for the $40 flip flops. They have the skull theme, but are still feminine and subtle enough that you're more likely to wear them again after the party.
    That sounds fun, Swank!
  14. I love Yellow Box! They make the cutest flip flops and they are of very good quality.