2 Questions! And a hello

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  1. Hi ladies, I haven't posted since December I was suppose to get my first pair of CLs for Christmas but was surprised with an LV Damier speedy instead. I was happy and sad lol
    Well this week is my birthday and Hubby wants to get me the shoes.
    Quest. 1 What you vote Black Leather Rolandos or the Very Prive with Burgandy tip?
    I put the VPs on hold at Nordies, I know they match price... Quest 2. Are they the cheapest there? 745?
    In my head I had planned on ordering the Rolandos from Saks with my 10% off coupon code but they are on pre order for March..and I want to wear them ON my bday. Spending 700 feels easier than spending 800! ugh lol

    Thanks for any input!!
  2. ;)
    VP's for sure
    always classic !
  3. VPs for sure!!!
  4. I vote VPs as well... you'll get a lot of use out of them!
  5. definitely VPs! good luck!
  6. another vote for VPs!
  7. VP vote here too!
  8. VP's! A staple in any collection!
  9. another vote for VPs :smile:
  10. VPs VPs VPs VPs VPs :smile:
  11. VPs
  12. I guess VPs win!

    Another question is what do you find yourself wearing alot with these shoes? Jeans or dresses?
  13. Yay for the VPs!

    I wear mine with everything: with jeans, a t-shirt and a Balenciaga for a casual look; with trousers/skirts/dresses for a dressier look; with leggings and a tunic top for going out; etc.
  14. Vps all the way, they were my first pair, they are more comfortable than the Rolandos (which I also own) and they are more versatile! BTW Happy Birthday!
  15. VP's are so classic. Everyone agrees!