2 questions about PCE

  1. My friend gave me her card to use, shes not going to use it at all, can i use it? and question number 2, The closest boutique is 4+ hours away in Boston, Can i call them and use it and have it shipped to me?
  2. Ok, i called the store closest to me, forgot there was one 2 hours away (its new) and i asked if they would ship useing the PCE card and they said yes, they would do that for me, But will they know that the card isnt mine? Are they going to look me up on a list somewhere and see that i didnt get one?
  3. NO, you can use the card.
  4. OK, thanks.
  5. At the store when you purchase an item they usually ask your name and can see that you have received the PCE invitation. But I have seen people come in and even ask for the discount and they give it to them (without the card). I think the point of PCE is to get new dedicated customers, and to appreciate teh existing ones. I don't think it will be a problem! If you are really worried..you could always ask your friend to order for you...Or you can even just call them and honestly ask..that it is your friends but you would like to use it!
    Shouldn't be a problem! Good luck!!

    What are you ordering btw!
  6. Ive really been eyeing the Bleecker Tattersall Travel Tote for awhile now, like since they first came out so i really would like to get that.
  7. Ok, and i just have to say, I got an email from Bag Borrow or Steal the other day and they spelled Bleecker wrong. I can understand when regular people spell it wrong but they are a business who is trying to get people to get bags from them and they spell it wrong? :rant::rant::rant: Just a pet peeve.... Not really that worked up over it. :greengrin: