2 questions about baking macaroni & cheese- please help

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  1. Ok, I've made this a few times...and my hubby loves it. Recently I ate some leftovers from a friend's dinner and the macaroni was 'packed' with cheese.

    Usually I make 1 lb of macaroni, shred 1 bar of Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese, then use 3 more cups of different kinds of cheese. How much more cheese can I put in without completely ruining it?

    I use the layer method- macaroni, egg/milk mixture, cheese, then repeat. Am I doing something wrong?

    Second question- I wanted to chop chicken up and put it in the macaroni. Is this a good idea? At what step should I add it in?

    Any other comments/macaroni recipes will be helpful.....thanks so much.
  2. Hmmm, you can pretty much anything to it, check out casserole recipes.

    Too much cheese, I am not sure, I would check out different recipes and see what they do.
  3. That sounds like a tremendous amount of cheese to me, too. I would say one bar of cheese is plenty. And the sharper the cheese, the less you need. You can always grate some and have it on the table for anybody who wants more cheese.
  4. Thanks- maybe I should try a different type of cheese.
  5. i don't really like macaroni cheese that's totally solid..i like it a little creamy.. haha. so i usually bake it a little less...till the top browns, and then i just take it out.
  6. What kind of cheese do you use besides cheddar? I'm always experimenting with this dish and I can never get it right.... it's never creamy enough! and egads, all the butter...
  7. I use one box of macaroni and 4 cups of cheese. About 3.5 cups of the cheese get stirred in and the last .5 cup sprinkles on top. And I don't use an egg/milk mixture...I make a rue out of milk and flour and butter.....and let it get nice and thick.
  8. My mother uses Emeril's rscipe for mac and cheese, which call for lots and lots of BACON!! It's so yummy!