2 questions about a pochette cles

  1. 1. Would it be big enough to hold a credit card/ID card? Also, maybe a little folded up cash? Could a razr fit into it, or is that just being too optimistic?

    2. Which style is least likely to get dirty?

    I'm asking becuase I want to use a pochette cles to hold my student ID (which the same size as a regular credit card), maybe a folded up $20 and attach my dorm room key to the ring. We don't really carry purses day to day at school since we always have our tote bags full of books and when we go out at night to parties, we just take our cell phone, ID, and keys. Right now, I am using a Vera Bradley one that was a gift from a sorority sister but it's gotten kinda beat up, since I usually keep my ID case in the back pocket of my jeans or just toss it in with all my books. I'm worried that if I get the Damier Azur, I will get it stained blue by denim, and that if I get the Pomme D'Amour/Amarante, the color will rub off, or if I get Perle/Noisette it will get dirty fast.

    Also, is the pochette cles even the best LV piece to hold an ID card? Is there another piece I should look at? I was at LV yesterday for a quick minute and I didn't really see anything thats the *perfect* size.
  2. A pochette cles fits at least 6 cards (obviously, including an ID-type card) with a bit of folded cash or coins. However, if you purchase a Vernis or Multicolore one, you'll only be able to fit a few cards and cash. It's more difficult to get your items out of those two kinds. Personally, if I was in your shoes, I'd get either a monogram one or a damier ebene. Both are easy to zip and clean, will stand the test of time and a beating (so to speak). I've had my monogram one for at least 4 years and it's still in great shape.

    Good luck.
  3. if you want to fit your phone i'd suggest a mini pochette. if you are bent on a pochette cles, then i'd go for the perfo, but then you'd sacrifice the ability to put it in your back pocket. however with the mini pochette chain you could just clip the chain to your jeans.

    i use a vernis cles and i'm fine with debit, license, student id, car related cards, 20$ and keys attached, but i'm use to it.
  4. You can't fit a Razr into a cles. You can fit quite a few cards and folded up cash inside though. The mono, damier, and perfo cles would probably be your best bets. You can wipe them off if they get dirty.
  5. So, as I understand, the different styles of the pochette cles are actually different sizes as well? And the perfo is the biggest, right? Too bad I am not a fan of perfo :sad: Is the Mono Groom the same size as the mono cles?

    Melocoton, are you saying that the Vernis/MC ones are too stiff? So they definetely wouldn't be able to hold a lot, right?
  6. The vernis, epi, multicolor, and suhali cles are all smaller because of the way they are constructed. They are flatter, and they don't expand so much to hold your stuff. The perfo is biggest. The groom cles is the same same size as the mono cles.
  7. Armcandyluvr, thanks for the info.

    Aarti (that's my cousin's name, too, I love it!), have you had any issues with your Vernis cles getting dirty or any color transfer issues? Is Vernis easy to clean?
  8. Vernis is the smallest cles, yes perfo is the largest. I would suggest mono or damier as they are the sturdiest.
  9. Oh you can fit a ton in the monogram...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    the minilin, damier, would be the same. The vernis and MC are a little tighter and not as pliable.

  10. Also, the Charms and the Denim cles are really pliable as well. I can fit the most in my Charms one though (3 cards and some cash at the very least).
  11. I recommend the mono or damier, they hold sooo much more than the vernis!
  12. for durability you should go with the coated canvas - damier (but azur would show more dirt eventually) or monogram. my monogram cles has been in the rain, in the sun, in the heat, in the cold and basically all over the place with me for about 2 years now and it still looks brand new :yes:

    i can fit in mine-

    drivers license/ins./registration
    2 credit/debit cards
    some cash (2 or 3 20's folded up)
    my cars emergency card key (its a thick plastic card, about the size of a credit card, that holds a master key that you can use if your real key gets lost etc.)
  13. i agree with all the previous posts. if you do want something to fit your phone in, you might wanna look at the wapity. it can hold a lot of stuff too and you can carry it as a wristlet.
  14. The Wapity would fit cash, cc, license, lip balm, and a cell phone if you're interested in something a bit bigger. You could either put your keys inside the Wapity or put the keys on a carabiner clip and clip it to the d-ring that the Wapity strap attaches to... I do this with mine and take the Wapity out at lunch instead of lugging my whole purse with me while I'm at work.
  15. i don't have a LV cles, i actually have a coach mini skinny. but it's the same thing. anyways, i just wanted to say that it's soooo helpful and great to have it attached to my keys while in college. i just graduated from the university in may. but while there, i had a coach signature mini skinny attached to my keys. inside, i kept coins, a couple folded $5 dollar bills, my student ID card, a bandaid, a bobby pin, and a couple hair ties. it makes life so much easier while in college, because you have your book bag and don't carry around your purse. or if you're just hanging out at the dorms in the hall, or go out for a quick bite to eat with friends, you just grab and go. unfortunately, my razr didn't fit in to the mini skinny, so i had to put that in my pocket.

    yea, not LV related. but just wanted to give you my thoughts about the cles attached to your keys. it's a great idea! :smile: also, one of my dorm mates had a mono cles attached to her keys. i only recall her carrying her ID card and some money in it. but it definitely looked to small for her phone.