2 Q's for Chloe owners

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  1. Can you carry the Edith on your shoulder or is it strictly arm-crook or hand....and...OMG I luvvv the large pocket paddy (in that cream color, yummy yum!) but it seems really heavy. Is it?
  2. Edith on shoulders...it depends...

    I could/would not. The handle drop was too short for my comfort.

    The large pocket paddy...typical "paddy" weight...so, yes, it is heavy if you have carried b-bags in the past...it is average weight if you have carried the paddy satchel.
  3. I must be a fatty because the edith fit on my shoulder, but it was certainly not comfortable. If you are small-boned and skinny type, it shouldn't be much of a problem to.
  4. Not really...the edith is not at all a shoulder bag. Not one person who has tried this bag has reported that it fits comfortably (or functionally) on ther shoulder....and some of them have been very tiny and skinny.
  5. I can put it on my shoulder...but it doesnt feel or look ok that way...its handheld....
  6. The handles on mine are SHORT...no way I could get it on my shoulder (or off again, if I did). The larger size can be carried on the shoulder, though.
  7. Definitely hand-held or crook of elbow on me.