2 Q's for Chloe owners


Mar 17, 2006
Can you carry the Edith on your shoulder or is it strictly arm-crook or hand....and...OMG I luvvv the large pocket paddy (in that cream color, yummy yum!) but it seems really heavy. Is it?
Edith on shoulders...it depends...

I could/would not. The handle drop was too short for my comfort.

The large pocket paddy...typical "paddy" weight...so, yes, it is heavy if you have carried b-bags in the past...it is average weight if you have carried the paddy satchel.
BalenciagaLove said:
I must be a fatty because the edith fit on my shoulder, but it was certainly not comfortable. If you are small-boned and skinny type, it shouldn't be much of a problem to.

Not really...the edith is not at all a shoulder bag. Not one person who has tried this bag has reported that it fits comfortably (or functionally) on ther shoulder....and some of them have been very tiny and skinny.