2 Possible Steals: Teal Twiggy and '05 Caramel Weekender

  1. the twiggy is gorgeous - but no paypal is a no no for me :sad:
  2. so wierd.

    Fiatflux... how do u see some auctions?? i can't even see it when i search for it!
  3. Well, the German one was not showing up in a worldwide search because the seller specified incorrectly that it was local pickup only ... so I stumbled across it another way (I was looking up a zero feedback bidder and what auctions he/she was bidding on ... and that was one of them).

    The Caramel one would not show up if you only search for auctions listed at, say, $200 or more (which I usually do...but one time I took off that restriction and saw this one).
  4. smart smart ^_^~ keke
  5. why would you be looking at what the 0 feedback bidder is bidding on? is he/she bidding on your auction? sorry I am new :confused1:
  6. I don't even remember why, actually...sorry...this was a few days ago. I was probably investigating an auction to see if it looked suspicious (and wanted to see if she was bidding on other auctions by the same person).
  7. oh that makes sense - thanks!!! :yes:
  8. omg, that's a great price for a teal twiggy! feeling depression.
  9. wow that teal twiggy is just beautiful :love:
  10. and it ended for SO cheap!! like 750 bucks! durbs is a lucky girl. again! :love:
  11. Is it possible to replace the studs on the caramel...?
  12. I called Bal Singapore and they said they can replace the studs for S$8 each. If they do it, then other Bal stores can it do it too.
  13. Yup...BalNY is going to do it for me for $25:yahoo:
  14. ^You got the caramel! congrats!