2 pandoras- help me decide!

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  1. I have been eyeing the Pandora for a few years now. Anthracite orginally caught my eye due to how neutral it is. The black Pepe seems like the bag that can suffer the most wear and tear. That definitely appeals to me. My most used bags are LV canvas and I don't baby them. They still look great with 4 and 6 year olds who constantly spill things and have dirty hands.
    I wear navy the most followed by grays and other neutrals. The anthracite would go with practically everything but I worry about it fading to more of a tan. I have so many brown bags.

    I ended up ordering both to see them in person. I was expecting the color to be the only difference. The anthracite bag (from Nordstrom) feels much thinner. It is much squishier and the corners are very soft and flimsy. Is that a sign of it being less durable? The bottom has a papery feel. The anthracite has shiny silver hardware. I was expecting it in gold. What's funny is I thought the black had silver hardware and ended up shipping in gold.

    The black Pandora (from NM) feels like a different leather altogether. I double checked to make sure they were the same- and they are both Pepe sheepskin. The NM bag's leather feels much stronger and just has a better overall feel. Slightly more structured and feels more luxurious. It has GHW.

    Although the anthracite is beautiful, I think black is more practical. They are both beautiful bags. The only other black bag I have is a Mansur Gavriel bucket. I would prefer Nordstrom's customer service but hope that I would be fine dealing with Givenchy directly if need be.

    Thoughts? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460596000.405688.jpg
  2. I have the black pepe and highly recommend it, esp since you don't have that many black bags. I'd also prefer the thicker leather.
  3. Anthracite by appearance alone. Tho, it seems you're really leaning toward black anyways. If you're truly worried about wear and tear, you're better off with the black in goatskin....if you read through recent threads in the Pandora thread you'll find some were disappointed with the wear and tear they experienced with the black Pepe after minimal use.

    Regardless of color, if you chose to keep the pepe leather be sure to read up on how to protect and care for it in the "Care" thread.

    Good luck...Pandora is indeed a great bag, and I hope you find one that makes you happy!
  4. I really love both of them. I wish the anthracite had gunmetal hardware. The anthracite is a great color I just worry about it having the potential to fade/get stains more than the black. Decisions, decisions...
  5. I would go with the black Pepe too. You don't want to worry about possible fading with the anthracite but it is a gorgeous colour. What ever you decide you'll enjoy it!!
  6. Does the anthracite have beige/taupe undertones or is it a true grey IRL? Hard to tell deon the photos.
  7. I have the black one and it is terrific....both are beautiful . Good luck!
  8. Keep both :Partyhat:

    Seriously... I'll go for the black
  9. I vote black! It's a classic... Get grey next time
  10. BLACK! I've tried it on and it's stunning!
  11. Black it's more practical
  12. Black! Less maintenance :smile:
  13. I have been through the same dilemma as you!! I went with black! It will wear better, and match more outfits!
  14. Decided on the black!
  15. I love the black one!