2 out of 4 bags R HERE!!!! Pics Jumbo & Patent NAVY

  1. OK girls I hate to say this but I LOVE the NAVY..I was Hoping SO MUCH not to...so I would save some money.
    Enjoy the pictures from inside & I took outside pictures so you can see the color of the bags..
    BTW...LOVE MY JUMBO CAVIAR:heart: :yahoo:

    I have 1 more bag coming today and 1 tomorrow:yahoo:


  2. You are a lucky girl to get both - I am trying to decide between these exact two bags - what do you think?
  3. Oooooh la la! I love the patent navy! Soooo pretty.
  4. Can't decide..Like both so far..I would get the Patent since its only out for the season..You can always get a classic jumbo..KWIM???
  5. The navy looks so much brighter in your pictures, almost like a darker royal blue. I love it SO much!
  6. Both bags are gorgeous! Congrats on your new purchases!
  7. :drool: I was just wondering when your bags were going to start trickling in. The patent Reissue is TDF:love: , and of course the caviar Flap is great too. Congrats!:yahoo:
  8. OMG! They are both gorgeous!!! Sooo glad that you can KEEP both!

    O/T but loooove your pool!
  9. :nuts: :sweatdrop: :nuts:

    Your Reissue is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Great bags & great pics! Congrats!
  11. :drool: The navy is divine! You must keep it!! :drool:
  12. wow, congrats!!!! must be really exciting to receive both bags!!!
  13. The patent is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the rest.
  14. wow sooo exciting!!!! Can't wait to see your next two bags, both jumbos are amazing!!!!!! :drool:
  15. can we see you modeling the bags? We can all :drool: