2 out of 3 of the Divine Trifecta

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  1. So like ldldb I am also trying to acquire the divine trifecta. I just receivec bag number two. the 227 jumbo grey REissue.....cue Cheezy music and light coming down from the sky on me. I am so happy its ridiculous!

    But here she is:



    Since my blush fits inside the grey can I use it as a wallet? And than if I find the 225 Bordeaux ....i can use my trifecta all at the same time!:p


    Also I've been asked a lot of questions of size comparisons so, I put a link in of a bunch of pictures I took of my beige jumbo, patent blush medium, 226 black metallic and grey reissue 227 to help out other tpfers on size. As we all know...Size Matters! haha..and its so hard when we can't always see everthing IRL.

  2. Ahhhh....(heart attack)..... may I know how did you manage to get this gorgeous grey 227?? It's TDF.... ahhh (pain..) .... please tell....
  3. OMGGG.. i'm on the same search as you... but i've got my reissue black 227, i want the blush patent and the same grey 2.55! WHERE DID YOU GET YOURS, my beloved!
  4. I was sooo lucky and was able to get the grey reissue on eBay for only $2600!! I was stunned. I saw the medium 226 used go for more than that.
  5. Where did you get it? off eBay? Could you help me with my Divine Trifecta search tooooooo!!! That's such a good deal!
  6. Ohhh, they're sooo gorgeous!!! :heart: :drool: I was going to bid on that grey reissue, but I just bought a few bags, so I couldn't do it haha. :smile: I'm sooo glad it went to you, it's a stunning bag!!! :heart: I adore your blush patent medium flap as well... any flap is heavenly as far as I'm concerned hehe! :p I hope you can complete your trifecta, but hey, two out of three ain't too shabby girl! ;) Congrats!!! :heart:
  7. Oh wow...loving these "divine trifecta" searches!! Your first 2 are just GORGEOUS...can't wait till you find the 3rd and complete your trifecta!!!

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  8. congrats! i hope you find the last bag :heart: i'm also lusting after the bordeaux reissue :drool:
  9. Stunning! Congrats!
  10. All you you enables..i mean great tpf friends ;) Emailed me to let me know a grey was on ebay since i had it listed on my wish list. So basically I stalked it for a week, and was lucky enough to get it. I also got my blush patent on ebay...so you just gotta watch they do show up from time to time.
  11. Oh my! Absolutely glorious love that hot color!

  12. Ahhhhhhh you're such a sweetie, thanks for helping!!! I hope to get it soooon!

    Wish me luck!!! :love:
  13. Congratulations! you finally got it!:tup:, I'm glad everything went well!, is amazing I own it too and LOVE IT!, welcome to the club:yahoo:
  14. oh dear, i take full responsibility for creating a chanel monster in shmoo88. i'm talking her into the Brooklyn n/s tote too, LOL. but seriously i just don't know what else to call these bags...they are just divine!

    PS: hey L, maybe u should get that bordeaux 225. i want to see it inside the 226 inside the jumbo LOL LOL!!!

  15. Haha I know...it reminds me of those little toy wooden dolls that stack inside of each other you open one up. and there is a tinier version. hehe how much fund would that be! Haha...would that look excessive if I useed a 225 inside of a 227 as a wallet.:p