2 Options- Which would you choose?

Jun 11, 2009
hi all- i need help or maybe a push as to which direction i should go. i'll be getting my 1st (possibly only) chanel soon (m/l classic flap, black with ghw) and need some opinions. i fell in love with lambskin but think caviar may be more practical so if you had the following two options, which would you choose?

Option 1) Get a caviar flap and get a lambskin accessory (cc holder or coin purse) for a few hundred dollars more to somewhat satisfy my love for lambskin

Option 2) Get a lambskin flap- instead of caviar, add a couple hundred more $ and get lambskin--it's what you fell in love with (is lambskin thaaat much more delicate and difficult to take care of? a lot of ladies purchase beautiful lambskin bags and i figure if it's that hard to take care of, not that many people would purchase them)

DH says i should get what i fell in love with and not settle with caviar but then when i read to him posts about lambskin scratching easily and looking old fast and how some ladies regret getting lamb, he backtracked and said get caviar. he says don't spend thousands on a bag only for it to look old and get ruined so easily, it better look nice forever. so he reluctantly suggested getting a lambskin accessory to go with a caviar flap. ha ha. i'm wondering if i should just suck it up and get lambskin...i'd be terrified of ruining it though. is it true you can use your finger to rub out scratches? i would use this bag for weekends and going out (not carrying it to work).

so ladies, please help, option 1 or option 2??


May 2, 2009
I would suggest that you get what you truly love. I have both. Caviar is tougher for sure, but it has a harder look. Neither is good or bad than the other, just different. I don't feel lampskin is super delicate (unless it's a light color, like I have a beige one that I have to use carefully, not because it gets scatched so easily but because it gets dirty easily, it will even have water stain if you should get a drop of water on it). If you only get one Chanel, go for what you really want.


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Apr 19, 2009
Yes the Caviar is less maintenance but the lambskin feels heavenly! I have two classic flaps in lambskin and I thought of buying the caviar so I would worry less about scratches and all that and some how, ended up hating the caviar looks and feels, I don't say I won't buy one in the future I would, but I do prefer the lambskin over the caviar. It's all up to you, if you think you want the lambskin then get it and I am sure you will be very happy with it. My vote goes for the lambskin! :biggrin: Good luck with your choice!


May 23, 2009
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Well I love lambskin, all my CHANEL bar 1 is lamb. I've never had a problem but then most are also black or navy. I just love the feel - that's what I fell in love with too. Caviar would just not do it for me esp if I had to have only one bag.


Feb 26, 2009
If you're only going to get one, I would go with the one you love. If you end up getting caviar, you would probably end up buying the lambskin further down the line. I kind of did this myself.

Lambskin isn't that hard to take care of. Just be careful of the chains and other things pressing on it for long periods of time.


Apr 28, 2008
I think black lambskin is fine for normal, everyday use. However, I prefer caviar for travelling, given all the abuse the bag goes through at the airport (e.g., being pushed under the airplane seat, thrown into basket at security checkpoint, pushed around by crowds, etc.)

In my opinion, a lambskin bag is easier to maintain than a lambskin wallet b/c my keys are constantly pressing against my wallet (whereas I can usually control what's being pressed against my bag)

Anyhow, you'll probably end up with both lambskin and caviar ;)
Jun 11, 2009
thanks for the input ladies. soy- i wish! haha. it'd be nice to have both but it took some extensive explanation for DH to understand why i wanted a chanel (to him, a bag is a bag and it's ridiculous to pay thousands for something to put your stuff in) so for him to come around is a pretty big deal. ha ha.

i was thinking if i went with option 1, i'd get to have two chanel items. lol. DH brought up a good point recently, saying if i go with lamb, i could always send it in for refurbishing when it gets too beat up. have you ladies done that? how much does it cost and does it come back looking brand new?


Jun 5, 2009
I think you should get the lambskin. Refurbishment costs a couple hundred but is free within the first year.

If you plan on using it only for special occasions and not as an every day bag, get the lambskin!

I got a caviar cuz I LOVE the pebbly texture :smile:


Mar 14, 2009
I really wouldn't get the lambskin if you intend to use it every day, but that's just me!
Jun 11, 2009
i plan to use the bag on the weekends and on the evenings when going out. i'm leaning towards lambskin but then looking ahead, i plan on having kids in the very near future and am thinking caviar would be better?


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Apr 10, 2007
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I have two kids but still prefer lambskin. To me, it just feels more luxurious and looks beautiful. I'm probably in the minority, but I much prefer lambskin over caviar.
Jun 11, 2009
purseinsanity- i hear ya. it's so buttery smooth! love your collection btw! how are your lambskins holding up? do you treat them with anything or let them be?