2 Old Skool (2006-ish) MBMJ Faridahs...Please tell me which one you like better

  1. Here ya go
  2. I like the newer faridah -- the second one
  3. second one looks better
  4. I prefer the newer Faridah over the older one as well. :smile:
  5. I'll be the odd one out, I like the first one better. It looks more "balanced" to me.
  6. I like the older one better...
  7. I like the older one better.
  8. I like the newer one better
  9. I like the older one!
  10. it's a tough choice, but i like the newer style.
  11. Ditto!
  12. i like the older one as well!
  13. Another vote for the older style!!!:tup:
  14. older
  15. LOL. Ok, im sold! I got the older one for $285!