2 of the same bags....what to do now?

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  1. So I was searching for the Purple Guccissima Pelham for about a year. Couldn't find it anywhere. So I settled for it in the plain aubergine leather, not Guccissima. Finally, a long year later I find my Bag:yahoo: and now I have two. Should I keep both knowing I'll probably never use the one? What would you do?

  2. oh beauty! i love the guccissima though!
  3. You know I have 3 pairs of shoes the same style, same brand, same size, same colour. I know when 1 pair get too 'passed it' to use for best I will have another couple of pairs just waiting in the wings ;)

    Both your bags are beautiful why don't you one for 'everyday' and the other for 'best' :biggrin:
  4. Yea me too! Definately wouldn't give up the Guccissima.Especially after it took me a year to find it.

  5. Great idea :biggrin:
  6. Wow... the Guccissima is soooo GORGEOUS! It makes the other one looks plain... I would sell the plain one & use the money for another bag! :smile:
  7. Wow... the Guccissima is soooo GORGEOUS! It makes the other one looks plain... I would sell the plain one & use the money for another bag! :smile:
  8. I like the guccissima better! Sell the other one if you're never gonna use it then buy another gucci bag. ;)
  9. I agree I like te guccissima better! I'd keep that one and sell the first one
  10. Keep the Guccissima! Especially since you've been waiting for it for sooo long!
  11. Congrats on finding the bag after one year!!! You should definitely keep the guccissima one.. and then sold the other one to get some other styles...

    btw.. how did you find it?
  12. I am definately keeping the Guccissima. I just didn't know whether or not to keep the other one. I should try and put an ad on Craigslist because I'm not too familiar with using ebay.

    Anyway, I was just browsing on Overstock one day and happened to see it and it was the last one. It was my LUCKY DAY!
  13. oh my that is so gorgeous
    it's beyond gorgeous.

    I would sell the other even though it's gorgeous too because it's just way too similar.

    congrats on finding one it's literally TDF!!
  14. I agree, sell the other one. If they were different colors I'd say keep both but they're both the same color and you already know which one you love best. Sell the plain leather one to have some funds to go towards your next purchase! Both bags are fricking stunning, especially the guccissima!!
  15. I'd sell the plain one & get another bag.
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