2 of a kind - am I insane?

  1. Okay, girls, here goes:
    Lusted after the black Hamptons Business Tote for quite a while (probably more than I would've if I hadn't joined this darn forum! :p), then finally obtained it a few weeks ago, declaring myself completely content in the accessories department for the foreseeable future. (I'm a college student, I had a car accident a few months back and am saving to replace what the insurance company had declared as total...all in all, small budget for a girl with such expensive taste:rolleyes:).

    Anyhoo, all was well in the purse-ban department (save for like $25 from the outlet...but come on, that's like tax on a bag at the boutique...and I've been making my lattes at home!) until I happened in on the boutique with le boyfriend, simply to ask for advice on caring for my new love, the Business Tote. Well, as luck would have it, I would receive not only great advice, but the yearning to tote around just one more little darling: http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=9058&category_id=161 (in blue, of course). I resisted and resisted and declared it a ridiculous idea, until I wound up with some store credit (about $55.00), and "reasoned" in my sneaky little head that combined with the PCE discount, I could get the darn thing, with tax, for a smidge under $250! So bf and I ventured into Coach yesterday afternoon to check out the pre-order process (I've never used it before) in case his mother wanted me to pick her up a bag during PCE. Naturally, my SA's were ridiculously kind and helpful, and what do you know...I walked out with this baby:

  2. your not insane and the bags are beautiful
  3. Ooh, that's so pretty!

    Blue :drool:
  4. So the lovely siblings look like this: (black has tags off, I've gingerly used it for about a week [but back in the dustbag for now while I use the legacy straw tote], it's been moisturized, guarded, etc/blue still has tags)

    thoughts, ideas, opinions, anything....i'll take it all. I'm tempted to share my "reasoning," but I want you guys to give me your unbiased purse-pinions, so I'm going to stay hush-hush other than inquiries...;)

    oh and this is the Coach portion of my handbag collection (really the only leather ones aside from a J.Crew tumbled leather and a vintage Dooney doctor's bag...the rest are totes of various sorts [student = textbooks = life]) prior to the blue Hamptons:

  5. You are perfectly sane and both bags are beautiful! Enjoy!
  6. You're totally NOT insane! Gorgeous bags! :drool:
  7. Both bags are beautiful! Wow, I love that bag in blue soooo much!!
  8. Lovely bags! I am lusting after a carryall myself right now. Saw some at the outlets last weekend but did not have the braid.
  9. I so want a carryall. I am a little jealous:shame:
  10. When I love a bag, I like it in multiple colors, too. I am very fond of the Carryall. I have one from a couple of years back done in a black signature. Very classy! Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  11. yah well, I've always been that girl that was jealous of someone else's ginormo Coach shopping bag in the mall parking deck...so for me to be that girl....means I must've broken the purse ban and :blink:! I seriously think I'm halfway justifying it because the bf said "well why don't we just get it because there are only 2 left, this is the cheapest you're going to get it, and you can always bring it back next week during the rest of the sale." Trust me I was :wtf:. This is the young man that muses [quite profoundly, I might add] "I don't get it...they're purses...aren't they all the same? What, are you going to carry the 2 matching ones at the same time?...I don't even remember what purse you're carrying now and I'm right next to you!" ...etc etc...some of you have very sensible and fashion-savvy SO's and while mine is very handsome and I think has a wonderful fashion sense of his own, he is utterly baffled in the handbag department. I think his last gf Louis Vuitton-ed him out...:rolleyes:
  12. I suppose what I'm trying to figure out is what you guys think of the blue carryall as an investment piece. Obviously the black business tote is...I didn't have a black leather bag, and I think that's definitely a practical thing for any woman to have...I think it's refined, yet pretty, decorative enough, but I think it could also be business-appropriate. So the black is covered - it's a keeper without a doubt; I'm hoping to have it for many many years. The blue on the other hand - I'm in serious love/lust, as I believe some of you guys are also. But having seen my collection thus far, do you think it's a practical keep? Pros/cons?
  13. Of course it's a practical piece! Every women needs something that isn't basic in her collection. As a matter of fact I'm buying a not so basic bag tomorrow, the rose legacy bag.

    I say it's a keeper!
  14. I love your collection, especially your new bags!:yes:

    And yes, they are practical and well, we are all a little insane, yes?:nuts:
  15. ooo Bethie which Legacy are you getting in Rose? They're all so pretty...I'm quasi-lusting over a Legacy shoulder flap in Rose or White (or black or whiskey....hah!), though I know they're on the small side [for me]. They're so feminine and classic though...I could imagine giving a Rose coloured legacy to my daughter - couldn't you?