2 new wallets from Gucci today!

  1. Hello, just got back from Gucci King st here in Perth. Was served by the loveliest girls, Harumi and Kat. The service was superb and great considering the snobby, most of them SAs of LV here. I just got to check Gucci out after my exams recently, unfortunately all the good stuff are all gone!! No doubt snatched by my fellow Gucci lovers here.

    I had no intentions of buying Gucci since i'm more of a LV girl but i tend to buy my stuff in Singapore because the price is better and the SAs are brilliant. Anyway dbf was the one who wanted to get a new wallet from Gucci. He only uses them, gotta love a boy who admires his Gucci. hehe And then, there it was on the sale corner, the loveliest purse of Gucci so far i've seen. With such a great price and all the great card slots and an id frame, i instantly bought it on the spot. Dbf was shocked that i acted so fast. Lol what can i say i was sold the first time i've saw it and the price is oh too hot! So dbf got a brand new leather with white stiching wallet and paid for it then. that's the end of my little story in Gucci today! Thanks for listening! :tup:

    Pictures to come soon!
  2. congrats! can't wait to see the pics
  3. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pics!