2 new speedys

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  1. I returned my mizi for
    1) speedy monogram 30
    2) black epi leather 25

    i don't know how i ended up spending more when i went to exchange. i couldn't help myself.

    when the SA saw that i was returning a mizi he said "do you know how many people would kill for that bag?" once the return was processed another SA grabbed it-- and had a list of cards in his hands of people who i assume are on the waitlist.

    no more mizi :sad: but i just wasn't in love. i do feel like i lost a one of a kind.... but what can i do?

    THANK YOU LADIES for all the advice!!
  2. It was a good choice if you weren't in love with it! You should utterly be infatuated with something to plunk down that much $! If you got two bags you love and will use, you made a great choice!
  3. I hope you'll be happy with your 2 speedys. Congrats!
  4. Two Beautiful Bags...ENJOY!
  5. pics please :smile:
  6. u returned the mizi :sad:
  7. oh
  8. was it the vienna mizi? or the mono canvas one? I heard that the mono canvas mizi & klara were limited release??? Is this true???
  9. Excellent choices, you will definitly enjoy them!
  10. Hey, if you didn't like it, they you just don't like it! I'm happy that you found something you do like though!!!! The best part about it is you got two bags essentially for the price of one.

    I love the Mizi and wish I could afford one but I have my Manhattan to keep me warm at night!
  11. Don't let the popularity of a bag sway your decision, I think you made the smart choice. For the price of the Mizi, you should absolutely love it! Now, you have two beautiful handbags that you'll really enjoy and love!
  12. Congrats! I'm glad you found something you love...
  13. Congrats! Do NOT regret! You made the right choice. I love the Speedys and if I had to pick two, it would have been the mono 30 and black epi. :love:
  14. How exciting! 2 new bags! I prefer your new bags over the Mizi as well.
  15. post some pics of your new splurges!!