2 new Scarfs!!! Come see!

  1. One:

  2. lovely scarfs. love jungle love and alphabet russe. congrats.
  3. Beautiful choices! Wear them in good health!
  4. Fantastic scarves. You'll get lots of wear out of those.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. Thanks!! :smile:

    I LOVE them!! I think I will use the alphabet one tonight ;)
  6. Very very beautiful! Great colors!
  7. Lovely, congrats! Love your little cat too.
  8. nice!
  9. Aaawww, kitty probably recognized her bigger relatives in the scarf. Congrats!
  10. congrats! they're both gorgy!
  11. Oh, they are especially beautiful.....:smile:
  12. Lol! Too cute that Jungle Love scarf with the kitty lying in the corner.

    Gorgeous scarves, congrats!
  13. enjoy.. Jungle ove will become one of your faves , no matter how many you have!
  14. Whoo-Hoo! Those are two very lovely scarves, fr2nc1z!!! The black colorway of Jungle Love is so strking. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I love your little kitty checking out her/his larger "family" member, but I couldn't help but wonder if little Kitty is declawed? I'm not sure I'd trust any cats with claws on top of my precious silks as I already do enough damage to them with my own ragged fingernails.
  15. Very lovely, congrats!