2 new purchases and info on price increase

  1. So a couple of days ago I purchased a Popincourt Haut of which I absolutely LOVE!!!!!:heart: I have had sooo many comments on it already. It fits all of my stuff so perfectly. I don't like bags I have to hunt for things in so the phone pocket is GREAT and I use the other pocket for my ipod or Palm.

    And today I went back for the mono Zippy Walley...Love it too:heart: :heart:

    I was looking at the Keepall deciding if I wanted to buy it and my SA said they were in the process of updating ALL of the tags now for the price increase. She said the average price of a small bag would go up $50! and a large bag could $100!!!

    Well that's a lot more than 5 - 7%!!
  2. Congrats..don't forget the pics..
  3. Congrats on your bag and wallet! and thanks for the info on the price increase
  4. Congrats!! Thanks for the info too!! Pics please!!
  5. Congrats.
  6. Congrats on your purchases! Post pics when you get a chance.
  7. CONGRATS on your new buys and thank you for the info!
  8. Wow. That is a Big Jump, Maybe the SA was just guessing.
    BTW. Congrats on you purchases.
  9. Great new puchases!!!
    Will they stop with the price increases already!!!
  10. thanks for the information!

    why do we also ask to see pictures even though we already know what it looks like? hehe
  11. It crazy how the price keeps going up I bought my Speedy 25 three years ago or so for around 465 i think and now it 565.. makes you jsut want to but more now :lol:
  12. And that is why I am in NO rush after working 12 hours and stopping by Saks on my way home....just to post pics.

    EVERYONE knows what they look like LOL!
  13. I :heart: the Popincourt Haut! I have it and it's one of my favorite LV''s. I also love the zippy wallet, need that one myself. Enjoy and congrats on a fabulous purchase! ;)
  14. Congrats! I just got the monogram zippy wallet and I love it too.
  15. Congrats, the PH is a fab bag !