2 New Prada Purchases At Saks..lol!

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]new Fall shoes..too cute on!!!!
  2. [​IMG] this was my BUY OF THE YEAR...got this skirt for 197!! ON SALE...MAJORLY!!LOL!
    LOVE IT ON...
  3. Such a cute skirt! Definitely a good buy.
  4. You have such awesome taste, Jill!!
  5. I love your shoes Jill. They are adorable.
  6. I love the shoes!!! I've always wanted a pair with a square buckle like that!
  7. beautiful choices, congrats!
  8. Love them both! I love a bargain too!
  9. LOVE the new fall shoes and the skirt is adorable (love the pleats & the price was a steal!!). Thanks for posting the pics after we bombarded you with requests!!
  10. Jill,

    i was just looking at those shoes.
    they look fab on you. did they run true to size?
  11. ^ yep-as always they ran true to size
  12. I love the shoes, Jill! So nice. And you got a really great deal on that skirt.
  13. 197 for a prada skirt, unheard of....

    Good deal. !!!
  14. Love the skirt. Congrats Jill. =)
  15. nice shoes!
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