2 new pics fall/winter collection - just back from NYC

  1. hey all. first of all, lol, just like restricter, i am going to apologize that my pics suck. lol. the security guard dude was keeping a real close watch on me so i only got to snap two *eeehhhh* pics -- probably not much better than the pics we've already seen of the bags. the photos of the limelight on the runway are probably the best you're gonna get till they're released or someone can get a better pic -- you can see them folded up in the second pic side by side next to the alligator motard. my SA showed me today that the motard clutch (shown on the left of the second pic) -- the handle can also be used as a belt. it looks HOT on!

    the speedy was the black version but the other two bags were the burgandy color -- BEAUTIFUL. i was not expecting to love the speedy or the red coloring so much so my name is down for a burgandy speedy :wtf: hahah SA TOTALLY had something to do with that, she kept pushing how limited it was and to get something limited rather than something that's permanent that i can always get. i saw le confident and le precieux. le confident is not for me, which this i'm glad for, but unfortunately now i want a suhali lockit PM so it kinda balances out i guess. lol. the le precieux is PRECIOUS! so cute and very me. that baby will have to wait though because this speedy is pushing it...it's gonna be an early birthday gift i guess, which i won't get until november :crybaby:and the new grey color, verone, is beautiful. contrary to what some think i think it looks really nice and warm with the gold hardware. sorry i couldn't get more/better pics!!!! i had to use my crappy camera phone.


  2. Nice-thanks for the pics!
  3. Great pics!! OMG my jaw dropped when I saw the mirage! Im soo excited about that bag! which looks nicer red or black?
  4. Vuittonamour, thanks for the pics :tup:

    BTW, have you seen this bag?

    **I'm asking all over..since I'm not sure that they'll produce it or not...
  5. thanks vuittonamour, i'm glad you were able to spy us some pics! i'm so glad i'm on the waitlist already for a few of the fall items. i'm definitely going w/ the bordeaux on the mirage items too.
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
  7. Thanks for sharing those pictures!!! :nuts:
  8. Dang...the Mirage is growing on me! I'd love the Griet...UGH!
  9. Great Pics, thanks for posting!

    The new Suhali color (and bags) are up on LV.com. Love them, too!
  10. Thanks for the pics; excellent spy work!
  11. Thank you sooo much for the pics!!! I was wary about the mirage but not seeing them irl kind of I totally want them!!
  12. thank you vuittonamour for the pics and the report. hope you had fun there!!
  13. Thank you for the pics!
  14. Wow, thanks for the pics, vuittonamour! Dang, now I really want that burgundy Mirage speedy, too. My black denim Neo Cabby is going to take a back seat it for now.... Oh, man. So many good things coming out....