2 new pendants!

  1. Just wanted to share my new goodies!
    pics 373.jpg
  2. I have the three stone but yours is amazing! Me want that now too! The other one is sooo feminine and pretty. LOVES!!!
  3. That first pendant is stunning!!! Absolutely lovely!
  4. Beautiful, beautiful!!! Enjoy them!
  5. So lovely!!!!!
  6. very pretty!
  7. I love the first pendant. Congratulations!!
  8. Lovely items, enjoy them both!x
  9. So Pretty! Congrats!
  10. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
  11. very pretty!
  12. I loooooooooove the first one!
  13. They are both beautiful!
  14. Beautiful.
  15. beautiful!!!
    I SO need a pendant! It's next on my list:yes: