2 new little tiny treasures!

  1. Well, in my tradition of purchasing new LV items in twos, here's a couple lil' small gems:

    1. Damier cosmetics pouch. I admit my Prada is my fave, but this is a wonderful elegant secondary one to keep in my overnight bag at my BF's :graucho: or on trips. It holds a lot more than expected and I love the wide, structured bottom b/c it's easy to hold in one hand and look for items in the other!

    2. Mono checkbook cover. I love paypal, online bill pay and debit cards but I do need to write checks sometimes and decided after 18 years it was time to toss the Liz Claiborne grey triangle pattern checkbook cover which admittedly held up superbly but was supremely out of date. Now I've got something timeless. :wlae: . woo hoo!
    lv_cosmetics (2).jpg lv-checkbk (2).jpg
  2. Congrats on your new purchases!!
  3. Congrats - they're great, classic pieces ! :yes:
  4. OMG! I thought I was the only one was old enough to remember when Liz Claiborne was cool, lol. I still have my long wallet, too. (grey with Navy) When I was cleaning out my drawers, I thought I really should get rid of this, but it's still in good shape, even after 20 years, and remembered how happy I was to get i, because it matched my navy gucci so well)...wow...talk about blast from the past!
  5. ^^ ITA, the LC stuff held up amazingly well on the outside. On the inside, my checkbook cover was lookin' a little scary so it was time to swap it out. LC was all the rage when I was in college (late 1980s) and it cracks me up that long after the handbag and wallet died out the checkbook survived almost 20 years!
  6. Congrats!!!:yahoo: I need to get the cosmetic pouch:hysteric:
  7. Great pair!! Congrats on your new treasures!:yes:
  8. I like the damier cosmetics pouch! :nuts: What colour is the inside?
  9. These treasures are as always, classic and beautiful...Congrats!
  10. congrats! lovely pieces. :smile:
  11. i looooooooooooove the damier cosmetics pouch! its sooo cute! congratulations
  12. congrats on ur new purchases...so cute
  13. They're cute, congrats!!
  14. ^^that's what I was gonna say, sooo cute!
  15. Two great items! I like the idea of purchasing things in pairs! It could get expensive though! :yes: