(2) New Fendi Evening Bags!!! Pics!! So excited!

  1. Just picked these yesterday at Short Hills NJ! So adorable!!!

  2. OMG!!! You're out of control!!! You've bought so many bags recently! Very nice statement bags. I like the gold one. The pink is very daring, I doubt I could ever pull off something like that. Congrats!
  3. Hee Hee! I know right? I have been bad lately, but its fun! :smile:

    I go to ALOT of concerts, I mean alot, at least one a month, so I will use them for that! :smile: The pink one will be debuting at the Amy Winehouse concert when Jamie (sunshine) and I go in Sept!!!!
  4. Yeah.... you have been very bad. You got the 3 B Bags from Barneys just a couple of weeks ago. And goodness knows what other stuff you got as well :graucho:

    Great that you go to many concerts, they would be perfect for that. Do you have matching shoes?
  5. Am I having a serious blonde moment or are the pics MIA? I wanna see Fendi, man, Fendi...:graucho:
  6. Congrats, nice!!!:tup:
  7. OK NOW I see the pics....Wow, Selena, TDF!!!! :drool:
  8. I LOVE THEM!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. SO rock star.
  9. Verrrry nice! Love the colors you picked!
  10. OMG the pink one is too cute ! You're one crazy bag lady ! :graucho:
  11. Oh la la la...very stunning. Congrats!!!
  12. What a stunner! Me like them both! Congrats:smile:
  13. Cute!!
  14. OMG! The gold one is sooo lovely.
  15. Oooh very cute! I love them congrats!!