2 new editions to my Mulberry collection

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  1. Hey Everyone

    Just wanted to let you know that I eventually found a gorgeous vintage Oak Bays to add to my collection, thanks to one of our amazing authenticate ebay sellers. I absolutley love it and am carrying it every day.:tup:

    I have also added an Oak/Choc phoebe which I haven;t used yet but do really like it. So, hopefully I shall carry her soon.:graucho:

    I am now at the stage though where I feel I have tooooo many bags. I just don't know what ones to let go and Ebay is really scarey. I am in the process of doing a deal with a consignment store for one of my Mulberries however I may decide to pass more on to them, I just can;t decide which ones.:confused1:
  2. congrats on your two new bags! wow you have so many - a consignment store? is that storage or someone that will sell them for you?
  3. Congrats Tiree, you've been a busy girl!!!! Glad you found your Oak Bays!!! I'm taking my mine out today for the first time in about a year! She's loaded up and ready to go!!!

  4. great mombug, get her out. I have just taken mine to the supermarket. She is so vintage that I don't mind where I take her, it's great.

  5. perhaps a consignment store it the wrong term. It's an online company who buys and sells genuine bags.
  6. OOOh congratulations Tiree! Have you posted pics of the lovely bays?
  7. Tiree, we need pics of your lovely new bags.

    Let us know which ones you think you might not keep & we'll help you decide whether you're doing the right thing!
  8. Congratulations Tiree! Did you go for the Bays you showed me before? She is to die for, such a beauty!! Please post pics!!
  9. Yes, pics please!
  10. So glad you finally got your oak Bays Tiree! Congrats on both your new bags. Pics please when you have a chance!
  11. Yay tiree, congrats. Do we get modelling pics?
  12. Yes BC its the same one.

    I'll try do pics tomorrow.
  13. choc/oak phoebe is lovely Tiree, congrats! can't wait to see pics............
  14. congrats on finding your vintage bays tiree!
  15. Congrats Tiree! Can't wait to see pics!!