2 new coach purchases

  1. I went on a bit of a shopping spree this week and bought two new purses from Coach: the tweed satchel and mia braided leather satchel. I love the braided leather mia but I'm considering returning the tweed satchel. It's really cute but I'm not sure I'll use it. What do you all think, should I keep it or not?


  2. I'd return the tweed. I'm not a fan of the flowers at all, but I hate embelishments of any sort. I go for colors. I also think the shape of the mia is nicer, the tweed seems a little squished, like they just took the signature satchel and attached pockets.
  3. i agree i dont care for the tweed one, the flowers and beads degrade it for me.....
  4. I ordered the blue tweed hobo and the wristlet, and when I got them I was really disappointed - they looked kind of cheap, I thought they looked better in the catalog. I returned them. The tweed just isn't one of my favorites.
  5. I like the tweed better in the hobo. The Mia satchel is GORGEOUS though!
  6. ^^ all pretty much said what i would say.
  7. The Mia sachel!!!!,keep it...ditch the blue one :nuts:
  8. I would return the tweed, too. I do love your mia satchel!
  9. I'm not feelin' the blue. The flowers are kind of... er... odd... we'll say and the dark dark blue just seems kind of limiting to me
  10. i like the tweed, it is unusual!
  11. I would FOR SURE return the tweed satchel. The Mia satchel is beautiful, though...I love the tobacco leather! I just bought the large multi function tote in tobacco and it is great:smile:
  12. I like the tweed, but I agree that it looks cuter in the hobo form!
  13. Not too fond of the tweed but the mia satchel is just beautiful!
  14. The tweed is beautiful...but less practical. If you're only keeping one keep the mia.
  15. Tweed is too trendy I would return it.