2 new beauties!!

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  1. Just got these 2 beauties from amazon on sale for a great price. Dylan medium tote in malachite and zip wallet in Violet. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398353462.957320.jpg
  2. Beautiful color contrast.
    Do you still carry your Scotch DMT?
    In your experience...Does scotch color leather darken with wear?
  3. Thanks!! I love this color contrast too! I was carrying my scotch just before this one and was admiring how it had darkened so beautifully . I love all of the colors I have so much.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398535223.197999.jpg
    Here she is. ❤️❤️

  5. Oh yeah she's a stunner! 😍
    What did you do to darken leather?
    I was carrying Scotch until I received a preloved Tmoro DMT. Got a great deal.
    I just love LP leathers so much.
    My Tmoro is more pebbly than Scotch which is perfectly fine with me. ❤️
  6. Thanks 😄I have only used one thing on my LPs and it's called European leather restorer. I love it! I remember my tmorro being pebbled too, I sold it last year. I have one in a color called elephant, have you ever seen that? I might have a picture of it. It's sortof a brown/gray. It has some different features on it so it must be older. It's nice though.

  7. No I've never seen elephant color before sounds pretty. Post a pic if it's handy.
    I only have used TLC spray on my scotch. Once it dries it's right back to light. 😕

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  8. Yours is still pretty though, what color is the wallet? I ordered the leather conditioner from amazon. Here's a picture of the elephant. I thought it was a mistake at first when I saw it listed, but I looked it up and there really was one this color lol. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398553785.572183.jpg

  9. Thank you. I really like the shade of your scotch better. That's my goal I'm going to buy that leather conditioner. 😬
    Wallet color is teak.
    It's now at a new home.
    I bought espresso color Dylan wallet and like much better.
  10. I like the espresso color. Teak must have been an older color, I don't remember it. I'm glad to see you on here, I miss all the LP people that used to be here to talk to. Good luck with the leather restorer.
  11. Really pretty. Lovely new babies!

  12. Thank you!! I love them.
  13. Wow, so pretty! Malachite is gorgeous and looks so versatile. But my all time favorite is Violet, it is so so beautiful. I might be biased 'cause I have a wallet (Alex) in Violet as well as East West Dylan in Violet. I'll go look for a pic of my wallet:smile:

    PS Your Scotch DMT is gorgeous!
  14. Here it is with Bordeaux East West Dylan:love:

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  15. Thank you so much!! I love LP leather so much, I have quite a few colors :blush: They are my favorite handbags! Amazon has great prices right now if you need another:graucho: I was looking at the wallets thinking about what to get lol.