2 New Bags Via Fedex Today!one Is Lv...

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    Normally..Id say this bag is too small for me..BUT MAN..it is WIDE with tons of compartments..its way bigger than it looks..due to the many compartments.Im still dying to see the GM IRL too though..hee.hee( I also got a Chanel baby Cabas delivered at the same time..YES..Im DEAD wife today...LMAO!)
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]Love the red strap!
  4. I got the same bag and I love it. It is a great size. I'm a dead wife, too!!
  5. Love the bag! Can't wait to see the Chanel!
  6. Jill... It's beautiful I :heart: this bag. Glad Steph had a better IRL pic for you to make a decision...

    Congrats! On your LV and Chanel!:love:
  7. congrats! It's beautiful!
  8. Congratualtions! That really is a great bag! SOOOO pretty!
  9. mmmhh.. What is the MSRP to make you ladies "dead wives":confused1:
  10. Awesome, Congrat's and enjoy!
    You're going to be one hot stylin dead wife *LOL*
  11. Jill..wow..congrats!! :flowers:

    When you said it's full of compartments, this's really attracted me.

    May I sak, how much is this bag?
  12. LOL! That's a really great bag tho, Jill! Congratulations on your purchases! She really can pack it all in hey?! Love the mustardy interior with the blue denim too! So has hubby seen them yet:graucho: ?
  13. Very nice! Love it! : )
  14. Great bag, congrats!
  15. Wow, it looks great! Congrats!!