2 new "babies" and then some (a.k.a. 2 new bags + my humble chanel collection!)


Sep 4, 2006
Just wanted to share my excitement at getting 2 new bags-- thanks to a LOVELY tPFer :heart: i managed to get my hands on a metallic black medium luxe bowler (received it a week ago), and i also recently managed to find myself the PNY pleated pouch, which i'd loved for a long time now! Just had a horrible exam today, so seeing a new bag waiting for me in the mailroom when i got home was truly a mood lifter!

here are some pics of the pleated pouch and the luxe bowler:



here's a pic with me and my luxe bowler, sadly no modeling pics with the pleated pouch yet because i'm a bit tired (pulling all-nighters before exams = never a good idea!)

and i thought it was about time for a little photo of my humble collection:

top L-R: beige caviar med/large classic flap, silver hw; PNY pleated pouch; 2005 grey 227 reissue
bottom L-R: diamond stitch flap (small); extra large washed lambskin classic flap; medium metallic black luxe bowler

and of course i'm missing my brown mademoiselle flap in this picture (she's at home with mum at the moment! heh)

and i'm not sure if i should count the 2005 black 227 reissue i bought for mum for mothers day (but we always share bags :P)?

and gee there's so much black in there! looks like my next chanel will have to be a fun, colourful one! and oh yes, looking at these pics reminds me that i need to thank the wonderful Mon and Michele for all their help along the way :love: -- if not for them, there'd be a few of those babies that wouldn't have made it into my collection!

anyhow, thanks for letting me share these with everyone!