2 new Babies and complete collection

  1. Hi guys....

    well as most of you know im not an avid collector of LVs however i LOVE speedies, so ive done a complete collection shot as well as all my speedies..

    teehee ok and my 2 new babies the damier speedy 30!!WOHOOHOO loves it and a matching keepall ( keepall is a couple of months old but never taken pics of it!!) ENJOY
    14092007313.jpg 14092007311.jpg 14092007314.jpg
  2. Love your speedys, congrats on your new editions!
  3. Gorgeous speedy collection!
  4. I :heart: your speedys!
  5. LVoe them!
    Plus, I never thought I'd like Antigua, but that bag is cute!
  6. congrats! love all the speedies!!
  7. Gorgeous collection - love all the speedy's!!
    That cute Beverly sneaked in as well huh? .. lol.
    Congrats on having completed your collection!!
  8. Great Collection.
  9. congrats! your mandarin speedy is to die for! love it!
  10. Great collection. Love your damier keepall. I am thinking about that next....
  11. your pix are making me lust after a damier keep all and something mandarine!!!! wow!!
  12. Fab collection!
  13. great collection, :smile: thank you for sharing...
    I love the damier keepall :smile:
  14. Wow, great collection and I LOVE your speedies! I have the same addiction!

    I also just bought that pomme vernis cles!!
  15. LOVE the Keepall and HUBBA HUBBA that Speedy collection is TDF :drool: LOL