2 new additions to my not-so-lil-anymore collection!

  1. hey ladies,

    In my last thread where i shared my colourful collection with all, i recieved some feedback that i should add orange, red or yellow to make it more complete. Follow the advice i did! :p

    Presenting my new rouge vif 28cm HAC in fjord with gold HW and one of my grail, 35cm orange togo birkin with fuschia lining! I'm over the moon!:wlae:

    Now where do i find the yellow...:upsidedown:
    DSC00203.jpg DSC00259.jpg
  2. WOW! You sure did add some color! Lovely bags, thank you for sharing.
  3. The orange with fuschia :drool:

    Congrats on your growing collection!! Just lovely!
  4. You hit the JACKPOT!!! I love both the colors you got!!! Rouge vif is one of my absolute fav colors and orange is of course the classic Hermes color! CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!
  5. These are so gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  6. Lumine, what lovely additions to your already gorgeous collection! :tup:

  7. Oh my!!! Congratulations!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Thanks everyone!!! i'm downsizing my collection a bit to make space for these new bags so after i'm done i'll hopefully find time to post a pic of the complete collection! :p
  9. Wow! Congrats. An H red in fjord plus GH is divine in my book. And your special combo is just yummy. Time for a "family" photo if you ask me!
  10. What a lovely pair of bags - I love colour in my bags too!

    Was your orange with fuchsia birkin a Special Order from your hermes store
  11. Two really beautiful bags!!!!! Congratulations:yes:!!!!
  12. Congrats!!! I never thought I'd say this but the orange and fuschia combo is gorgeous! Yes, pics of your collection please!
  13. The colors of you new bags are delicious!! Congratulations!!!
  14. WOW - gorgeous!! Two fo my very favorite colors!
    The Orange/Fushia - OMGosh!!!!!
  15. Congratulations! I love the orange with fuschia lining!