2 Nail Polish Questions!

  1. OK... so firstly, I need a super effective top coat. I am tired of my nails looking great for a day and then starting to chip. So what top coat have you found to be the best?

    Secondly, I bought OPI Russian Navy when it came out. I love it, and I'm wearing it now. Do you think that, with Chanel releasing Blue Satin, navy polish will still be in/be in again for spring? Also, if you have Russian Navy, did you also buy Blue Satin? Are they different really? Thanks!
  2. I swear by Seche Vite top coat. It looks very shiny and does a good job protecting the polish. I reapply every 3 days or so to keep it looking fresh and can keep a manicure on my natural nails for a good week.

    Russian Navy is one of my favorite nail colors! I've not had any luck finding Blue Satin to try myself, but according to the gals on Makeupalley, the two are very close in color. The Makeupalley members also claimed that Blue Satin did not hold up as well as Russian Navy and cost quite a bit more. I'm also interested to see what people on this forum think.

    *edited b/c I cannot spell today :smile:
  3. I use Orly's Glossing topcoat.. at least I think that's the name lol. I have Russian Navy, too and love it! I've also heard from lots of people the difference between Russian Navy and Blue Satin is almost non-existant colourwise. OPI varnishes hold up really well, for almost half the price of Chanel.
  4. So I can wear my Russian Navy and pretend that I'm trendy, LOL!
    Thanks for the top coat suggestions, I just really need more than 1 day out of my manis!
  5. Orly In A Snap topcoat is good. Last well and is easy to apply.

    In my opinion, the main difference between OPI and Chanel (apart from the cost) will be noticed when you try to remove the polish. OPI seems to come off cleanly whereas I make a complete mess of my hands and fingers with Chanel. I personally prefer the OPI brushes too.
  6. I too use Seche Vite. It goes on thick, but my nails are dry in a minute & it protects them very well. I can't help you about your other polish problem, but I love makeupalley. =) I'm on there all the time reading reviews!
  7. Thanks, I'll probably try that Seche Vite... I need my nails to dry fast LOL. Otherwise I ruin them immediately!
  8. Seche Vite is the best topcoat I've ever tried. I sewar buy it now, and it's not that expensive!
  9. Another Seche Vite user here. It's the only top coat I have found to truly deliver. :smile:
  10. It sort of depends on the type of polish (shimmer vs matte based) as opposed to the brand. OPI and Chanel are two of my favorites but I can't wear the flatter colors of either brand, they have to have shimmer in them for them to hold up well on me and go on right.

    I always apply top coat every other day, it helps keep things looking fresh, and if I can't apply top coat I either put on cuticle balm or Solar Oil.

    Russian Navy and Blue Satin are pretty much the same polish, so if you have Russian Navy and love it, then don't bother with the BS. If you weren't happy with it then give Chanel a try. Either way it would be fun to get Azur and use it over the darker blue..it makes it very pretty!

    As for topcoat, what kind are you using currently? Creative brand's Shiney is a very good topcoat :smile:
  11. I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. I like it better than Seche Vite *hides*.
    It dries super fast and looks great til about day 3---I also have my hands in water constantly and am cleaning alot--I'm a preschool teacher.
  12. I also swear by Seche Vite. Best top coat out there!:tup:
  13. Wow lots of Seche Vite fans out there!
    I actually ran out of top coat awhile back, so I haven't used any when doing my nails at home and I don't know what kind the salon uses, but it's obviously not working for me.
    I definitely think I might get Chanel Azur and use it as a top coat for Russian Navy, that would be hot for spring!
  14. Revlor has a Colorstay nail prodcut that is insane IMO.
    It comes as a 2 -pack; one color and the insane top coat.
    The colros are limited but I actually buy it for the top coat alone.
    My pedicures last 2 weeks easily w/ it.
    My 6 yr old DD likes me to paint her fingernails but they laways look bad after a bath. . . the warm water peels the polish I guess{?}
    I did her fingers and toes last week and she showed me yesterday all 20 nails are still immaculate!
  15. ^Wow good to know Swanky! Sounds like my kind of stuff!