2 more reveals, im loving mulberry right now!

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  1. yes, im a little bummed i bought it and then went to bicester and they had them so cheap!!! never mind though, i will wait for a nice sunny day to use this one! love the leather on it!
  2. I love the purse b*m*b! Mabel is cute, too!
  3. Little mable is very pretty, as you say, she will be perfect on a summer day teamed with a pretty dress. God, roll on the sun. I am SO fed up of winter.
  4. Congrats ! Faubulous purse and Mabel is really great, a little jewel !
  5. Ooh, lovely - leather on Mabel is gorgeous! Congrats on two beautiful additions:smile:
  6. Oooo BMB they are gorgeous, congrats.
  7. thanks girls!
  8. Lovely little bag and love the purse too!
  9. Gorgeous leopard purse & I do like those small mabels in fushia, they just look so cute!! Congrats :yahoo:
  10. Fabulous b*m*b. That was definitely worth another trip to Bicester. Particularly loving that long-locked purse...:love:
  11. Mabel is so cute BMB and I hope you really love using your NL purse! I adore mine :love:
  12. Wow! You are on a roll aren't you? Congratulations on more great buys!! Really loving the purse and I think little Mabel in antique leather is very cute.
  13. Gorgeous, congrats, love the mabel!
  14. i going for a meal tonight, im wearing purple and pink nail varnish i might take it along with me!
  15. 2 great buys, cute little Mabel