2 more reveals, im loving mulberry right now!

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  1. ok so after buying the daria clutch at bicester i couldnt stop thinking about a purple suede abigail i had seen in there! so on my way from picking OH from up north yesterday i nipped into Bichester to go buy it, however when i inspected it closely it had marks on the bottom of it and so i left it there, then while walking out i saw this little beauty...

  2. sorry about poor pic!
  3. OFF, OFF!!

    Get your bag off for the girls (for the girls),get your bag off for the girls....
  4. Oh stop teasing and reveal, please. I need to take the kids to the park they are driving me insane.
  5. I'm waiting...:P
  6. Tiree i think you know what it is lol!
  7. ok im going to reveal as i dont have much time :smile:


    i was going to by the bayswater but it fell through so when i saw this i had to have it! i think although its different from my alexa it gos perfectly! i love this purse so much, and i think its enough NL to get me happy :smile:
  8. Ah abfab! Congratulations!
  9. Oh that is just gorge!! I love it. A fabby purse for sexy lexy......
  10. Well done - that looks lovely!
  11. thanks i love it!
  12. That is gorgeous!! I'm loving leopard at the moment. xx
  13. that is gorgeous. did you say 2 reveals???!!!
    what else did you get??
  14. yep i also have recenty got this little beautiful my i can t make up my mind about it! i think i like, i have yet to use it. need a nice sunny ay to take it out!

  15. that's lovely too, is it the small size?