2 months old Epi leather felicie peeling

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  1. Hello ladies, does anyone's epi leather bag has the same issue, mine is peeling at the corners while the bag is only 2 months old. Any thoughts :confused1:

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  2. it doesn't look like peeling, unless you actually see it lifting and coming off/lifting back. it looks like it's a completely finished piece but the leather didn't align/stretch close enough to the edge to be perfect. i (personally) wouldn't consider this major, but since it's so new you could go in and ask over your concern, no harm in doing that, right? just my opinion.
  3. It definitely looks like a flaw on LVs end. It looks like it's rippling. If you take it in they'll probably give you a credit note- unless they say it's wear and tear. But I own a couple epi pieces and I've never experienced this kind of rippling. So if one SA tells you they can't do anything, ask a second one. Hope they take care of it for you! :smile:
  4. I would take it in for assessment:smile:
  5. It looks like wear and tear. I'm always very careful with my leather handbags not to rub them against anything.
  6. Luu if you do go in to the store, please update us with what the SA says
  7. Agree with @Tropezienne that it looks more like a wear and tear issue. Looks like there are scratches on the adjoining edge.