2 Minutes till 3pm here on the West Coast

  1. John and Ken will be on the air shortly to entertain me during my commute home on the hideous 405.
    Any KFI fans?
  2. Aww, I miss John and Ken. I live in the Bay Area now so I can't get them anymore. :sad: I'm a Bill Handel fan too!
  3. So tell me about the 405. I live in a remote part of Nebraska and can count on 1 hand the 4 lane streets and one bypass that we have...I go to Denver every once in a while and the 5-6 lane traffic (on one side) is enough to make me want to fly back and forth!

  4. The 405 is a VERY busy freeway. At rush hour you are lucky if you get to go over 40MPH
  5. sunnyfreckles.. the 405 freeway goes from northern los angeles where it splits from the 5 freeway (that goes from mexico to canada), and makes its way down through los angeles following the contour of the state-ocean border all the way down to south-Irvine, in Orange County.

    it's generally a 5lane +carpool lane traffic on both sides.. though it can get smaller, or larger depending on the city/county it's in.

    the traffic (and jokes) is horrendous. Where the 405 and 10 freeways intersect is one of SoCal's "Crush" zones.. called Crush for it's incredibly dense traffic in that one area, and it disappears (slightly) before and after. On any given day, on any given hour, at any given point of the 405, you are guaranteed to run into some sort of traffic. and for us, "light traffic" means there are about 1-200 cars per mile stretch.

    Heavy traffic during peak hours (6-8am and 4-7pm) could run about 4-500 cars per mile stretch.

    btw, these numbers are totally guesstimated. i'm on the 405 a lot for work/home commute, but even then, i'm only on it for like 5 miles. those 5 miles usually take me about 30 minutes to go to work, and an hour to get home. crazy right?

    the 405 was built to relieve congestion from the 5 freeway. the 5 is FAR worse. the 5 at best has 5 lanes including carpool, and at worst has 2 lanes with no carpool.
  6. lol beljwl. i'm lucky to get anything past 15MPH during my rush hour!!

    My work is next to one of the Orange Crushes.. 405, 55 and 73 (aka: south coast plaza!) so it's incredibly INSANE for mall-goers, tourists, and residents/employees.
  7. Traffic everywhere sucks in L.A. I work 2.2 miles from home and it still takes me close to 15 minutes each way. I know I am lucky but considering how close I am it if you figure out how fast I average it is not good. It is just under 9 MPH
  8. Me toooo! Handel in the morning rocks.:tup:
    Bill and his morning crew are too funny. What a fun job they must have.
    and yeah, the 405 stinks!!! :cursing:

    Frozen7313, I work right off the 405 and the 55. Yeah.
    The Orange Crush...and I'm not talking soft drinks here.
    But that's just life here in SoCal.
  9. Our closest 405 interchange is here in the San Fernando Valley is with the 101. They've been making a lot of changes lately - check out the LA Times - it's been a nightmare. Luckily, I don't find myself on the freeway more than maybe once a month - and it's usually when everyone's already at work. I only drive about 5500 miles a year....