$2 Million Dollers For A pair Of Shoes !!!!

  1. The world's most expensive shoes!

    [​IMG]</IMG>THE CINDERELLA SLIPPERS: How much could a pair of shoes cost? Well, the world's most expensive pair of women's shoes costs a cool $2 million!
    The one-of-a-kind 4½-inch stiletto sandals are studded with 565 platinum-set Kwiat diamonds (which include 55 carats of clear diamonds and one big 5-carat stone).
    The 'Cinderella slippers,' as Stuart Weitzman, the designer of the fantasy sandals, calls them, were worn by singer Alison Krauss (nominated for best song for the film Cold Mountain) at the 2004 Oscars ceremony.
    The Stuart Weitzman-designed $2-million shoes on display in Beverly Hills, California. Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    What do you think ?
  2. That is insane! I'd be WAY too afraid to wear them! I'd rather have a necklace and bracelet set, maybe with matching earrings.
  3. WOW. I dont think I would even wear diamonds anywhere below the belt, lol.
  4. That is like a house or two!!! I will stick to my $300 or under babies, and keep on walkin!! I would love to try them on though!!
  5. Wow, that's exspensive. That's some serious bling.
  6. WOW! And Dorothy thought her ruby slippers were fancy?!?!
  7. well 2 million for shoes ok but couldn´t he have made at least a nice one:sick:
  8. Damn. That's just insane.
  9. Wow.... I can't imagine spending $2 million on a pair of shoes. But I'll never say never, lol... who knows? Someday I may find the cure for AIDS, win a couple of nobel prizes, and then splurge on these shoes to reward myself :biggrin:
  10. didnt someone wear them to the oscars or something? i remember someone saying they were wearing the most expensive pair of shoes ever made... it was a year or so ago though, so maybe these have trumped those.
  11. Can you imagine, if you tripped? Then you'd have to check your shoes for lost diamonds.
    I am sure Paris Hilton will have a pair soon.
  12. you know what?!?don't like them so much....
    btw the price is just insane!!!!!:nuts:
  13. I :heart: Alison Krauss so much.

    Two million dollars for a pair of shoes. I'd be too scared of losing a diamond to wear them anywhere!
  14. $ 2 Million for such small diamonds?? That's ridiculous :rolleyes:
  15. I don't like these shoes.

    A pair of shoes would have to be compelling for me to spend $2 million on them! :lol: