2 metallic purple reissues at Saks

  1. My SA at Saks has 2 purple reissues in stock. They are both $2425 (whatever size that is - I don't know). I think it might be 1 size smaller then a jumbo, but I could be wrong. She's there today. You can pre-sale for the next gift card event. Her name is Delyse and her number is 248-808-0712. Please tell her April referred you. They ship internationally and I think the charge is $35.
  2. At that price point, they'd be the 225 size.
  3. How odd April! My SA at Saks says they have been "sold out" of them for the past month! I saw that some were also available in BH today?! I wonder why all the misinformation from SA's? Maybe they don't know how to work their computers?! ha ha
  4. I wonder the same thing. :confused1: I never take their word for it anymore when they say something is sold out.
  5. thats great - when is the next gift card event?
  6. March 13th or 14th?
  7. Thank you April - Delyse ROCKS ! I have on it's way to me YIPPEEEEEEEEE
  8. Is there any still available?
  9. Saks only have 224 and 225 size! too bad they don't have any 227 this year...