2 LV's in one day

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  1. Christmas came early for me - I am a Chanel lover first and foremost but yesterday in the morning in Beijing China my husband bought me a blue epi (rectangular bag) - i have no idea of the model name and in the evening back in hong kong i got a sienna suhali - the model is the one smaller that the Le Fab - it starts with a 't' ... i am stunned ...
  2. Congrats!!!!!!
  3. Congrats!! any pics?
  4. not yet but i will soon. i am trying to go thru this forum to figure out the diff btween epi and suhali!!!
  5. congrats!!!
  6. aww congrats! can't wait to see pics! was the suhali le talentueux? I love that bag!
  7. Sounds great! Can we see them? Congrats!
  8. Congrats.
  9. very nice of him LOL

    I wouldnt any Suhali purses at the moment they are so beautiful! :biggrin:
  10. Wow! You are sooo lucky! Congratulations and Happy Holidays!
  11. That's awesome. Post pics ASAP so we can confirm the lines and style names for you!
  12. Lucky you!:yahoo: Hope to see the pics soon.:graucho:
  13. The Le Talenteux? :shrugs:
  14. Epi is a hard lined leather.

    Suhali is goatskin leather and is supple.
  15. LUCKY GAL!!! congrats!!!