2 LV in 1 day...is this heaven?

  1. Here's the story on how I almost went through cardiac arrest yesterday.

    Thursday afternoon I arrived home from work only to have my husband greet me outside. The first words out of his mouth were "How much do you love your dog?". :shocked: This usually means he (my puppy) has eaten something that is dear to me. Immediately I thought of my poor defenseless handbags. I keep all my handbags on a bookcase in our master bedroom. The bags are arranged on the case by order of importance. Meaning that the bottom shelf has Coach and the top has the Chanel, LV and Fendi. For some reason that morning (before I left for work) I placed my fav Fendi on the bottom shelf. When I did it, I was thinking "I shouldnt trust it here". So immediately when my husband was talking to me I thought that Loki (the puppy) had a healthy lunch of Fendi. Again I was having chest palpatations! :shocked:

    I went into the house and heading immediately to the bedroom. When I walked into the room and turned to look at the bookcase BAM! There was the BIGGEST LV shopping bag I have ever seen! :amazed: Right then I knew that Loki in fact had NOT eaten any of my stuff and that my DH was only trying to get me to walk into the bedroom. (not the best way to go about it, but hey it worked) As soon as I saw the bag I went over and opened it up. Inside was another gorgeous brown shopping bag, inside of which there was a lovely dustbag. (OMG it felt like my first christmas!:biggrin:) I took out the dust bag and opened it to find my CABAS MEZZO!! Right then and there I thought I had died and gone to heaven. :angel: Of course I put the bag on and ran to the nearest mirror! I was enchanted by the look of the bag. I had been begging for this bag for god only knows how long! As I am staring at myself in the mirror thinking about how in love I was my DH says "Arent you going to open the other one?". I of course nearly fainted "there's ANOTHER one?". Running back to the first large shopping bag and looking inside. Standing up in the bag was an LV box. Again there was shock and awe! :shocked: :amazed: I opened the box and found a fuschia perfo silk scarf! I had just been thinking about how gorgeous other tPFers bags look with a scarf tied on! So as I am going on about how happy I am and how in love I am with the stuff and got (and with my DH!). DH then asks me to find his fav pair of jeans because he wanted to go to dinner. So immediately I go to the closet and pull his jeans off of the shelf. I turn around and he looks at me like I have lost my mind telling me "I know where my jeans are." Here I am holding his jeans thinking "didnt he just tell me to go find them??" He then shakes his head and tells me how I must be blind. So I look around and there in the closet sitting on the hamper is another massive LV shopping bag! :blink: How did I not SEE that?!? So I screech like the girl I am and begin to open it. I pull out my brand new Damier Papillon 30!The Papillon 30 was another one of the bags on my TDF list. This one is officially my first Damier piece.

    Both the bags and the scarf are birthday presents for me. My birthday is next month but my DH couldnt hold out that long. I am so happy that he didnt. Nothing is better than fabulous early birthday presents!

    In conclusion I ended up returning the fuschia perfo pattern scarf. My DH told me how the SA picked out the scarf as a second choice as the denim one was sold out. Personally I am not a huge fan of the perforated line so I thought it best to return it. My SA (she is PHENOMENAL) is going to call me when they get in the denim scarf so that I can come in with my Speedy to make sure I that is the pattern I really want.

    Case Closed I am the happiest woman alive today!
  2. Oh yes I almost forgot I will definatetly be posting pics once I get off work!
  3. Wow, wow ! You are most definitely in heaven, 2 new bags AND your husband is just too sweet ! :biggrin: I love the story, adorable !
  4. OMG!!!:cry: SUCH A SWEET STORY!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  5. Wow - can you send your hubby over to talk to mine!!
  6. Wow i love the story! Congrats :smile: Can't wait for the pics!
  7. WOW, what a fabulous husband
  8. Thanks ladies!! :love:
  9. wow that is awesome, enjoy your bags.
  10. Agreed!!!
    Congrats on your beautiful new bags!!!!:love:
    He's a keeper!
  11. Oh wowow! You are so lucky! AWWW! That is the best story! :heart: Give your sweet hubby a hug for all of us!

    NOW, send him over to my house to talk to my hubby, too! Nothing like getting surprise LV!

    Although my hubby DID say out of nowhere the other day that we're going to King of Prussia next Sat. so he can buy me a Damier Speedy. :graucho:
  12. WOOHOO! Congratulations on 2 fabulous bags and a fabulous husband!
  13. How lucky you are!!! My husband is pretty good with suprises too. (I got a red Firebird 2 years ago). I'm not sure he would even know which LV bag to get, so I don't think he'd ever suprise me with that. But, good for you lucky girl!!!
  14. WOW!! Happy early birthday!! Lucky you!
  15. What a great story, happy early birthday! Congrats, can't wait to see pictures!