2 LV Agendas at Work Today

  1. The Perle has the rest of 06 in it, and the Lavender is carrying the beginning of 07... using them both; strange how so many different versions of the inserts there are. This time I got maps and everything with the full 07. I'm giving Indigo a break, since she's getting a little worn out...:wlae:

    That's Buster peeking out in between...:P
    Lavender & Perle Agenda.jpg
  2. Oooh I am so jealous! You have two agendaa!!! Beautiful!!

    Buster looks like a doll:smile:
  3. Beautiful!!!
  4. Oh ~ They are beautiful! Jelous I am:yes:
  5. So Beautiful!
  6. So gorgeous! I'm dying for a perle agenda.
  7. I don't blame you eff, I'm in love, I just hope yours comes with the box and dustcover.... DON"t order from Las Vegas.....
  8. Buster is gorgeous...my mom has one too..great agendas I want the red vernis but, I think it is sold out now....
  9. perle's soooo niiiicee! reallyy.. :drool:
  10. LVpug, wait for the new candy apple red out in February, that would be a fabulous agenda to carry!:heart: Buster says hi! and thanks.... he talks ALOT.
  11. Gorgeous, I think you really captured the shimmer of vernis in the photo !
  12. Gorgeous agendas but cutie Buster is stealing the show! He's ADORABLE!
  13. Thanks high maintenance woman!!! Buster's
  14. Buster's way high maintenance too!!!!
  15. I love both agenda's especially the lavendar.