2 Louboutin Questions!

  1. First of all, has anyone purchased Louboutins from Bluefly? I know some of the girls in the Chloe section have received fake bags from Bluefly, so I was wondering if their Louboutins are authentic.

    Secondly, has anyone seen these in a size 7?? I love them, but no one seems to have them anywhere online or anywhere near me.

    Bluefly - Find Women's Designer Dress Shoes at discount prices at Bluefly.com - #2039099 - Christian Louboutin aqua suede 'Round' ankle wrap sandals

  2. I've never seen faked louboutins anywhere - has anyone else?
    I love how the red really pops against the aqua!
  3. That is exactly what I love about those shoes!!!! I need them!!!!
    I hope no one is faking Louboutins, but you never know!
  4. I've never seen fake Louboutins either, just "inspired" shoes that don't actually say Louboutin on the sole.
  5. I can vouch that Bluefly sent me a fake choco paddy. It was so veyr bad.

    So, I also bought a pair of jeans from them about three years ago, they were supposed to be Theory's in the same style I already had. I am pretty sure they are fakes now but it hadn't occurred to me at the time. I just thought they were funky, different somehow than my other Theory's.

    Between the Theory's and the Chloe, I purchased a pair of Alice+Olivia pants that were most definitely wrong. Again, it didn't occur to me that they were fakes, but they were creepy so I sent them back.

    Third time was the charm, when I got the paddy from Bluefly it was grossly fake.

    Now, as to fake shoes, yeah I am pretty sure they make them.

    In fact, Steve Madden has a pair of copy-cat Louboutin's, the Lastic Bootie, for sale at Nordies. They are identical in every way to my real CL's, only no red sole. And they cost $149 instead of $649. That burns me :mad:

    Steve Madden NVADE

    Here are my real ones:

  6. Hmmmm... well I think I may just stay away from Bluefly. My mom bought a gorgeous Michael Kors trench there and it's fine, but I think I would be concerned about buying Louboutins there...
    Any suggestions on where to buy those shoes i posted?
  7. You could try calling the CL boutiques in NY or the one in So Cal.

    In the Bay Area we have a cool boutique called Footcandy, one in St Helena and the other in Walnut Creek. They carry CLs and I believe they even have a website.

    Good luck finding them!!
  8. Thanks. I did check that Footcandy website awhile back, and they didn't have those particular shoes. I guess I will start calling boutiques! Thanks!
  9. I was wondering if CL's were faked too- I have never seen any though.
    I have purchased from Bluefly and have never received anything fake.
    I have heard of other's experiences w/receiving fakes, but they were bags not shoes.
  10. I wish I could see pics of the fakes- neither thread shows them.
  11. I haven't had any trouble buying shoes from Bluefly, but I have only been purchasing London Sole ballet flats. Every pair that I have purchased from Bluefly has been authentic.
  12. Thanks for those links sparklyprincess. I will definitely be careful where I by CLs!
  13. I bought Louboutins on Bluefly a few years ago and then returned them but they were real. The problem with Louboutin is that sizing is pretty inconsistent (they must use multiple factories) so it's important to try them on. The Bluefly Louboutins I returned were too big for their size and were also pretty battered up for new shoes. There are fake Louboutins out there--make sure on eBay that you know who you're buying from, if you decide to go that route.