2 letters on date stamp?

  1. hi! from the threads i learn of the date stamp but still confused.
    my herbag is a letter C and D in square, the D in square meant year 2000
    but what does the C means?

    thanks and sorry if it's been asked several times :shame:

  2. I believe it's the atelier stamp.
  3. what's atelier stamp :p
    i mean does every hermes comes with the C? or is it for a certain style?
  4. The atelier is the workshop where the bag was created. Hermes has ateliers all around Paris.
  5. ooouu thanks :p

    is there a thread already on the atelier lists here on the forum?
  6. No, we decided a long time ago not to list the different stamps, fearing in some way it would help the counterfeiters.