2 Kelly Longue in Swift

  1. Dear Ladies:

    Just got a call from my SA they have 2 KL available in Swift (black and Rosy; new color), so if anyone wants it, pls. pm me and I'll give you the H contact.

    Hope this info helps....
  2. Morganng - I notice you often post these lovely tidbits of information to help members.

    Big :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers: for you.
  3. Yes, me too, Mogganng is very kind.
  4. clear your pm's!! just tried to pm you, and you are maxxed!! thanks morganng!
  5. This is such a stunning bag! You are so sweet to do this!
  6. Dear Ladies:

    I try to help out others because I've got some help from other WONDERFUL friends here at the forum (Ms. S, Ms. K, Ms. A, Ms. M). I want to return a favor to them but never have the chance, so I am just simply pass-on the GOOD DEEDS they have shine on me and hope someone out there can receive the GOOD SISTERHOOD that I was fortunue to have!!!

    Happy Valentine and Happy Shopping to ALL!!!
  7. ^^ you are so sweet Morganng!!
  8. You're so sweet!!! :queen::drinkup:
  9. Dear Ladies:

    You are making me :blush:

    Believe me, I got MORE HELP from some GREAT LADIES here, so it is them who deserve these praises!!! (Ms. M, Ms. S, Ms. K and Ms. A)

    I treasure the UNSELFISH FRIENDSHIP I've encounter here and will continue to pass-on the kindness I've received!!!
  10. It is very nice of you to do this morganng.....I'm probably too late to get either:crybaby:
  11. does anyone have an example of what the new color Rosy looks like?
  12. Hi, how much do the kelly longue go for USD?
  13. I recently bought a KL parchemin in swift, it's about $4000 USD in Jakarta.
  14. Thanks for the quick response & the info.