2 job interviews: here's how they went...whaddya think?

  1. OK, here's the sequel to this thread...thank you all so much for your good wishes - it really helps!!


    I had not one but two interviews today but the outfit held up great as did I :graucho:. I'm not limited to just these two options (nor am I a shoo-in of course) but let me know what you think about Job #1 vs Job #2!

    Both are IT Project Manager jobs...about the same skill level required, typical M-F cubicle job, minimal travel.

    Job #1
    Pro: current company where I'm contracting; located 1 suburb south of me (tough commute but do-able if I leave early); love the company's spirit, values; kind of an 'urban-suburban' location if that makes sense. Great energy!

    Con: Pay is low; back to where I was before landing my current gig [there is a bonus plan but very unknown how well it pays out]; interviewers were less than enthused [could be they don't like interviewing or it was first thing Monday a.m., LOL]; I didn't really get 'sold' on the job with the interviewers; I was tired and tripped up on a couple questions; didn't really 'connect' with the interviewers [who would be peers of mine as the hiring mgr is out this week].

    Job #2:
    Pro: hiring mgr is someone I used to work with in a 'dotted line-diagonal' business model; I know her style and love it; pay is about 10k/yr more than Job #1 [still about a 35% paycut from my current gig]; paid training for professional certifications I need to renew; great connection with the panel interview team; good mentoring methodology to adapt in the environment. The person I would report to I consider a good colleague and friend, but I think we would do well keeping things purely professional working together, KWIM?

    Con: Location :tdown:. Two suburbs south of me, meaning one more suburb south of Job #1. Very unstimulating location and the commute/traffic would blow chunks (where's my carpool?). Pay is better than Job #1 but still below where I want to be.

    Hmm...I also know that for job #2 the panel interview team had thought they had their pick BUT when their director (whom I know well) referred me to them they now are thinking hmmm...this is going to be harder to decide than they thought!

    Anyway, sorry about another ramble. I'm gonna keep looking meanwhile! Any thoughts from all this confusion...job #1 or #2? :confused1:
  2. I say Job #2 will get you to where you need to be faster than Job #1 will. If you didn't connect with the folks in Job #1, I'd listen to that instinct! The commute might suck for Job #2, but keep looking and use your time at Job #2 to keep honing your skills. I think the second job, with its higher salary and better vibes, will help you establish yourself even better in a later job. I wouldn't take a paycut for the commute, even if it does suck, just b/c neither job is forever, KWIM? But then again, you have to decide if you can tolerate commuting stress. Good luck either way!
  3. I firmly believe you should take Job #2. The pros on it outweigh the ones on Job #1. I also think the cons are something you could easily deal with considering all the good things you would be getting!
  4. Job2 sounds much better!!

    you know the ppl there and you work well with them and that is HUGE.
    don't worry about the commute you'll get used to it =)

    job1 with their unenthused interviewers etc sounds like it might be dysfunctional or your peers might not be very warm or helpful etc etc. and the pay is low. there's too much risk and unknown.

    but like you said, you have other options so see if you can find one wher eyou are comfortable with the environment and ppl and pays you at least what you're making now with this gig.

    is there a HUGE pay difference between job 2 and your current gig? cos if not, you can ge them to budge and raise their compensation package =)

    glad the interviews went well and your outfit was a winner =) LOL yes it's all about the outfit =)
  5. So logic aside - Can I ask which one would make you happier?
  6. Can they not match your current wage? Also, if job 2 is further to comute, will you end up spending more on travel and not end up benefiting from the higher salary? It works like that sometimes in London. Travel fares are expensive.
  7. i really like the way you thinking, :tup:
  8. Hmmmmm, it sounds like job #2 would be more to your benefit in a few ways. Even though you'd be in traffic longer, it sounds like you'd be happier. Is pay negotiable?
  9. Hey that's a great question!! Honestly, the first one!
  10. Good questions! neither group can match my current wage. I'm a temporary contractor in my current role, and these roles I'm interviewing for would be full time, permanent. There is typically a big pay gap between the two. Contractors are paid more but are only paid for hours worked with no time off, no benefits, no paid holidays etc.

    Regarding the commute, I would be spending more on gas plus time on the road (personal stress, etc). But I could use a headset and possibly keep productive while commuting. I don't think the increased fuel costs would be too much an impact on the higher salary. Some, but not a major amount.
  11. I have to say number 1. Why? Just from the way you write about both, the first one you are slightly more animated than the second, which is most likely a reflection of what you are feeling inside. Also, having done the 2-3 hour per day commute it changes your life when you sit in the car and sweat it out. Go for 1.
  12. Irish, great comments! I really went in 'wanting' to like job #1 more despite the lower pay. As much as I'm very frustrated with things with my job right now, overall I love the company where I'm consulting and am very excited to reach out further and see what's out there. The fact that the interview kinda fell flat was a bummer, but could be for any number of reasons. Or, it could be a sign that particular group is less than enthused and needs some rejuvenating.

    Job #2 could put me in road rage mode. But I've carpooled before with tough commutes so that's definitely an option. I also know the person I'd be reporting to and vice versa; she's worked with me previously on good, bad and ugly days so she knows how I am under stress beyond just an interview.

    Anyway, these are not my last two options - more hunting out there! :wlae: