2 iPods - Shuffle and Regular -- Too Greedy?

  1. The shuffle is so damn cute that I had to get one. Honestly, this bad boy is only slightly bigger than my thumb! However, I absolutely LOVE IT! I know this sounds stupid but I have two iPods now -- the regular 40G for home, which is in its docking station with speakers that works as my sound system in the apartment. Then I just bought the shuffle to use on my subway commute -- its perfect in that it clips to my coat and I dont have to worry about dropping it. More so, I used it at the gym today and it didnt get caught on the treadmill!

    Any case -- any one else have two iPods they use or other iPod stories?
  2. My sister has the shuffle and the classic. She can only use the classic at home cause something's wrong with the battery and she can't unplug it, so she has the shuffle for the bus. It's a really good idea to have both.

    The shuffle is so cute! It's so tiny! I would get one but I'm afraid of loosing it.
  3. My husband and I own one 3G iPod, one Mini, 2 5G iPods and one Shuffle. We are going to give the old 3G to my father-in-law, so we'll be down to 4. :p
  4. Nope. To me the shuffle is a different thing all together and so quick to use and portable, and for the price, a lot of fun I think. The hard part is choosing the color lol.
  5. Is it bad that I own 4 iPods??? :shame:

    No worries... as long as you get use out of them, they can be used for totally different occasions!!
  6. :shame: I have a ipod, a nano, and a shuffle. I am thinking about another ipod, the 80 GB and perhaps another nano, the new ones in color are cute. :smile:

    I admit which one I use depends on what bag I use... some smaller bags only fit the shuffle.
  7. I have a mini ipod that I got because it is pink. When my mom bought her new Mac Book Pro there was a special that she could get an Ipod video at a discounted price so of course I made her get it for me. I husband has a Nano and my son has a shuffle.

    My brother has a Nano and his GF has a Nano and another Ipod.

    I don't think there's such a thing as too many. I actually love the new shuffles and am thinking of getting another one!
  8. I have a blue shuffle and a 60gb video. I use the shuffle to take to school and just clip it in my pocket. The video I keep plugged into my car. I love teh portability of the new shuffle!
  9. 4? wow. thats a lot.
    my family has 5 ipods, and my dad has 2. one doesnt work unless its plugged in, and one is brand new 8 gb nano.
    my mom has 2 songs on hers, and never uses it! i dont even think she knows where it IS!
  10. I have two, the 30GB video and the original blue iPod mini. Too much? Not really, Karl Lagerfeld has 70.
  11. I just got the SHUFFLE the other day!!!!

    Its sooo small & cute! I keep it in my purse!

  12. I'm glad you strated this thread Clake since I was wondering the same...since I have 2 Ipods :
    a Pink Mini 6G in my Purse...
    and a 80G video at home on the Apple HiFi Speaker....

    I'm glad I'm not alone ;) ...
  13. I have the new shuffle too!! I love it b/c it's so small!!! A cute little clip!! Man it was a b**ch for me to get itunes downloaded though...For some reason Quicktime didn't want to upload on my computer...FINALLY got it straightened out..Have no idea what the problem was (multiple) and my computer isn't old either..PITA!!! But I am in the process of loading music on it..I bought it mainly for the summer when I wash/wax our boat...But I'm sure I'll be using more than just for that!!! Did anyone else have a prob getting itunes downloaded?!?
  14. in my whole house, we have 8 (i think)............i have had 2.........mine keep DYING on me so.......:hysteric: :push:...........i lost my current one, my nano, which i loved :crybaby:.........my dad has the video one and a shuffle......my mom has 2 a nano and a shuffle and my little brother has 2 (two shuffles)......i told my mom to get my dad one so he could stop singing......LOL :roflmfao:
  15. I have a nano and a 3rd Gen...and I kinda want a video now too (or maybe I'll hold out for the iPhone). You can never have too many iPods...I use them so many different ways! iPods are awesome and you can never have too many!