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  1. OMG! I"m in getting my little one some new runners for school, I walk around the corner and there sits a brown carly ... LMAO ok fake, then she stands up and its a GARLY... OI!

    I'm trying on a pr of sneekers and in walks a silver(optic) .... i walk her way to check it out and its a Garly too...

    I just wanted so bad to walk over and say I admire your bag where did you get it> Just didnt have the balls, my kids would freak on me.
  2. lols that a funny story

  3. What about enjoying YOUR bag and not worrying about everyone else? :shrugs: Just a thought. :okay:
  4. ^^ I'm sorry Fields, but I think fakes should be held up to ridicule - people who buy at flea markets, festivals and purse parties know they are not getting the real thing, but buy them anyway because the bags are cheaper and "look like the real thing". Buying fakes is not a victimless thing - first, they are illegal to sell, they cost those of us who buy the real thing money because the costs of policing their brands increases prices and the profits from those fake bags can support many illegal and horrific activities as well.
  5. I have to agree here.

    I mean, yeah we should all mind our own business some times but I definitely don't support fakes or people who wear them. :tdown:
  6. I don't support fakes one bit.. believe me.. and I think they are fugly and lame. I would never own or support owning one.. ever. :nogood: But saying the person absolutely knows and she should go say "I like your bag".. just to be catty? Sorry, I just don't get that.. I think it's low class. :tdown: And besides, what good does it do to be snotty and come and post it here like we are all holier than thou? I don't know, I love everyone here but I guess I am getting tired of that better than you attitude played off by some, not all... it's discouraging.
  7. CUZ I CAN!
    Did I say i was going to ***** at her NO! I said I was going to ask her where she got her bag......

    I just wanted to hear what they would tell you when asked...
  8. :rolleyes: Real mature.. lay it out there for opinions, then when you get one you don't like.. ummm. yeah like always. I am done. thanks. :supacool:

  9. wasnt going to be snotty, if that was the case I would have walked by her and said NICE FAKE.... trust me I have a mouth and will use it when needed. I am just curious where they find these. I am in a small town... not a city and so its not like they are on every street corner.

    and just so you dont ***** more I was carry a cheap 30$ bag from aldo so it wasnt like I was walking up to her holding my 2K louis vuitton Mc bag or anything ...

    If they are buying /carrying fakes I already know i'm better then they are, I'm not supporting all the bad things fakes support!

  10. Actually, I'm sorry to say that buyers don't always know they are buying fakes. In most cases, probably yes, but there are people that honestly think they are getting a good deal and don't know any better. That's the sad thing!! I have never had a flea market vendor lie to me about their items being auth when they are not, but I have heard people tell me that they were told their bag was real at both flea markets and purse parties. I just try to let them know and suggest they report the vendor to the authorities...and get it confirmed directly with Coach.

    I have sympathy here because back a while ago I had to tell a girl her bags were fake, and I felt AWFUL. Why?? Because this girl was given two signature stripe bags from her father who paid AUTH RETAIL price for the bags. After he died, she wanted to clean out her closet (still very upset over the death) and was in the process of selling them on Ebay. Well, I had to tell her the bags were fake and she could not sell them on Ebay (or anywhere else)...and that it was illegal. I felt awful...she was shocked, and in tears... especially since her father had been taken advantage of (and not to mention the fact that he just died).

    I know we all do it, but it's probably best not to judge the situation until you have all the facts. The truth is some people do NOT know the difference between a fake and auth. bag. Although I can't understand why, I've certainly proven that point with my own extended family. It might be unethical to buy, and yes, the fakes ARE disgusting, but it is not illegal to buy them. When I tell my family members everything, they still continue to carry and purchase fakes (because they cannot afford the real ones). I even give them real bags for special holidays and b-days, and they STILL buy the fakes! I personally would not carry a fake bag, but I just choose to let them be and concentrate more on how to stop the sellers. If there are no fake bags to purchase, then people won't buy them.

    I have been reporting any counterfeit site or auction that I see in hope that the authorities will shut them down, but unfortunately, I get tired of taking the time to do all that because it seems like even Coach doesn't respond. :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  11. I'll be sure to keep your post handy the next time someone posts about spotting fakes...

  12. Yes, I totally agree with you, fields. Some people are carrying designer inspired bags, too, and people mistakenly consider them fake. I have absolutely no problem with designer inspired bags whatsoever. An authentic designer bag doesn't make anyone a better person.
  13. Exactly :yes: Well put! :tup:
  14. Wow, that's a pretty strong statement. I'd be careful with that one. :Push:
  15. Thanks. ;)
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