2 in one day!! 05 Choc First and red shoulder

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  1. Hi all,

    well now I can proudly say I'm officially part of the Balenciaga Club.

    On the day my gorgeous choc 05 first arrived, I scored a red shoulder bag at 50% (and I don't even like red, but i :heart: this!)

    Here are my babies:

    IMG_3316.jpg IMG_3315.jpg

    IMG_3314.jpg IMG_3313.jpg

  2. I love the First size......and that is a great red shoulder!! You have an adorable collection!
  3. 50% off of that gorgy red Shoulder!? You lucked out, girl!!!
    What red is it? Is it Rouge Vermillion? Or Vif?

    Anyways, congrats!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  4. congratulations on the two wonderful finds!!
  5. i think (from the paper tag and the reference library) its a rouge rif. Thanks! I :heart: her
  6. Yay, love your collection, girlie. I do like the red though :nuts::drool:
  7. Love your Chocolate First!
  8. Those are GORGEOUS! Congrats! LOVE your collection!
  9. Love that chocolate!!!
  10. :tup::tup: Two thumbs up on your two great finds!!
    I love the Chocolate !!!
  11. you lucky girl!!! congrats!
  12. Congrats! Love that Chocolate!!! :tup:
  13. [​IMG]

    Ooooooo I LOVE this!! Great vintage look and fab color for fall! Enjoy! :nuts:
  14. WOW...you scored 2 beautiful bags! I LOVE Chocolate and small accessories is bright bold colors!
  15. Congrats on your first bbags! I :heart: 05 chocolate and the red shoulder is too cute!